How to Clean Up

Learn how to clean up spills from just about anything. Find expert advice on spill control techniques in our informative free guides.

  • How to Clean-Up Vomit Accidents & Odors

    Vomiting Happens Vomit is actually really helpful from a biological perspective. Basically if you have something inside you which shouldn’t be there, you want to get it out as quickly as possible and vomiting is far quicker than waiting for the body to metabolize whatever it is that’s causing the problem (if it can). From the perspective of managing a house, however, vomit odors are definitely not helpful, but the reality is everyone (human and animal) gets an upset stomach from time to time and is not necessarily go    (more...)

  • Water Damage Woes: 6 Tips While You Wait for the Pros


    Flooding and other types of water damage to your home can be especially heartbreaking when personal items of sentimental value are waterlogged and wrecked. Standing in the wet and soggy mess that was once your clean, dry house is a scenario nobody wants to face. But water damage happens, and when it does, there are steps you can take to prevent further loss and destruction of your precious property until professional help arrives. Here are some things you can do to lessen your loss while you wait for the water damage    (more...)

  • Mold Damage, Remediation, and Insurance: 8 Facts You Need to Know

    Mold is one of the ugliest problems that can affect the average home. Unlike major disasters such as floods and hurricanes, it rarely broadcasts its presence beforehand and can affect nearly any house except those in the most arid of climates. When homeowners discover they have some insidious mold problems, they often turn to their homeowners insurance problems and search for remediation services. Unfortunately, this can lead to some nasty surprises. Here are seven facts every homeowner should know about mold and their insu    (more...)

  • How to Make Your Own Laundry Soap

    There are few items at the drugstore that are more expensive than laundry detergent. Save big bucks by making your own laundry soap at home. With only minimal ingredients (three, to be exact), you can have a regular supply of detergent for just a few cents per load of laundry. On top of that, making your own laundry soap is a great way to go green. Since you won't be using harsh chemicals to wash your clothing and linens, your indoor air quality will improve. Ingredients and Materials You'll need the following thr    (more...)

  • Incorporate Green Cleaning into Your Daily Routine

    Nobody can argue that bleach can make just about any bathtub in America look clean and inviting. However, many families are approaching the green cleaning movement with an alert attitude. Not only are they concerned with the food they are presenting their children with, but they are also concerned with the items they are cleaning their homes with. By eliminating household cleaners that contain harsh chemical ingredients and has a potential to emit toxic odors, parents are more confident in the safety of their children.    (more...)