How to Get Rid of Smell in Homes

Learn how to get rid of just about any home smell from our informative free guides written by odor removal professionals.

  • Keeping Your Baby’s Nursery Smelling Fresh & Clean

    Most parents spend around $2,000 outfitting their baby’s nursery, according to But there are some parents that are spending thousands more. Regardless of how much the furniture, decor, and stuffed toys in your child’s room cost, there’s one thing that all nurseries have in common, and that’s a rang of smells. To keep your little one's nursery smelling fresh, parents should use a Smelleze® Reusable Nursery Smell Deodorizer Pouch and follow these odor-eliminating tips. Open the window M    (more...)

  • Tips to Destroy Urine Smell in Your Home

    Urine Odor Problem Even as adults, we don't necessarily always make it to the bathroom on time. When there are children or animals in a home, then you can expect occasional urine accidents and so it helps to know how to deal with them. Be Prepared to Fight Urine Odor (as far as you can) Ideally you want to minimize accidents during the daytime by keeping an eye on your children and pets so you're ready to whisk them off to the toilet or outside respectively as soon as you see they need to go. It may be hard for adults to app    (more...)

  • Typical Household Items that Lessen Bathroom Odor

    It’s no surprise that when asked, most homeowners will say their bathrooms are the biggest challenge to not only keep clean, but also odor free. Our bathrooms see a lot of action, and not just from our immediate family members; this is one room that will be used by visitors and guests alike. Just with regular use over time, and particularly if cleaning becomes a bit infrequent, the smell can be not only embarrassing but also cause the bathroom to become an unpleasant room instead of the spa-like retreat that it has the p    (more...)

  • Selling Your Home? You’ll Want to Deodorize Every Room Before Showings

    During a home showing, even minor smells can turn away buyers. Unfortunately, many homeowners don't notice the natural smells that occur in their house. If you're a homeowner who is thinking about selling your home in the next few months, deodorizing your property could make a big the difference. These tips will help you cut back unpleasant odors, which in turn could attract buyers. Different Rooms, Different Smells Different rooms of the house are known for having different odors. These smells vary from one house to another    (more...)

  • Key Tips To Remove Musty Basement Odors From Your Home

    You do not have to have an old home in order to suffer from musty odors from time to time. One of the most common places that smell develops tends to be in the basement. The problem is that once that odor develops, it tends to get worse. It can seep into furniture, clothing, and carpeting, making it an area that no one wants to spend time in. So, what do you do if your basement has developed this musty odor? How can you not only keep it at bay, but get rid of it completely? Well there are a number of tips you can use, and d    (more...)

  • How to Get Rid of Cigarette Smell


    If you're a smoker, removing the cigarette smell from your home should be your first priority, especially if you're planning to bring someone over. It doesn't matter if you're dating punkers, metalheads, bikers, or if you're interested in some casual emochat, none of these people will be impressed by your home if it reeks of cigarettes. So, if you want your guests to be comfortable at your place, but you don't want to quit smoking, check out these awesome tips that will help you eliminate the awful cigarette smell. Empty    (more...)

  • How Clean is the Air in Your Home?

    One of the most frustrating things about dealing with unpleasant and unwanted odors in your home is that they can't be seen. And sure, there are some issues like pests, carpet stains, or even leaky faucets, which don't seem too problematic since they are visible to the eye. However, living with mysterious odors and smells from potentially life-threatening toxic chemicals can be much more intimidating when you can't see where they are coming from. A common solution is to use store-bought air fresheners that only temporaril    (more...)

  • What a Backwater Valve Can Do for Odors in Your Basement


    Does your basement have a lingering odor? If so, you're not alone. Truth be told, most people struggle to keep their basements smelling fresh. After all, basements are underground and often damp and dark. But they don't have to smell bad. Once you know the source of an odor, you can treat it and enjoy a clean scent whenever you head downstairs. Look for the Source of the Problem Before you can take steps to fight basement odors, you need to find their source. Most commonly, basements smell because: The pipes are leaking.    (more...)

  • Top Places to Look for Unidentifiable Home Odors


    You know how it is: smells tend to permeate an entire house without warning. You can leave for work one morning with a clean, fresh-smelling house, and arrive home that evening to a horrible smell that definitely wasn’t there eight hours ago. When you don’t recognize an odor, where do you look first? Sometimes it’s even hard to pinpoint where the stench is coming from—when this is the case, try sniffing out these places first. Laundry Hampers It’s amazing how badly dirty laundry can smell. Be particularl    (more...)

  • How to Get That Fresh “New Home” Smell


    Don't you just love that "new house" smell? You know, where everything is new, clean, and fresh? Unfortunately, over time, that smell tends to fade, replaced by the stale odors of day-to-day living. Whether your house suffers from must, pet odors, poor air circulation, or is just plain old, there are ways you can retrieve that fresh scent again. Kitchen The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it is important to check here for your odor culprits. With all the traffic and food preparation that occurs in this space, it is no    (more...)

  • Puppy Potty Training in a High-Rise Apartment Building


    Potty Grass for Dogs Forget all your worries about potty training when living in an apartment because puppy potty training aids are already available on the market. Dog supply and odor removal companies have recognized your need for this kind of problem and have come up with solutions to help you train your new puppy. Potty training mats for dogs is ideal for those dog owners who are living in a high apartment building. It saves time and effort going down the stairs and bringing your dog outside every time they feel the call    (more...)

  • How to Deal with a Broken Sewer Line


    If you step out into your yard and are assaulted by a foul stench and soft even soggy spots when it hasn’t rained, you’re almost certainly dealing with a broken sewer line. What to Do with a Broken Sewer Line The first thing to do is to find a reputable drainage repair technician. It’s one thing to handle an overflowing toilet on your own, but it’s a completely different beast trying to fix a broken sewer line. A seasoned professional can come in and quickly determine the extent of the damage by snaking a camera th    (more...)

  • How to Remove Bathroom Odors in 3 Easy Steps


    Got a Stinky Bathroom? It’s late. You’ve just returned home from a long night of networking, and you are all set for a warm, relaxing shower. Towel in hand, you open the door to your bathroom and – PHEEE-OOW! A wall of stink hits you full force in the nose. What is that horrible smell? Where’s it coming from? And most importantly, how do I get it out of here? Step 1: Identify the Bathroom Odor The very first thing you need to do is figure out where the smell is coming from, and what is causing it. Put on you    (more...)

  • Checklist to Get Rid of Kitchen Smell


    Kitchen Odor In the summer heat, your kitchen can often become the mecca of horrid smells for your home. With this quick checklist you will be able to defeat the smells that reside in some of the gnurliest spots in your kitchen. Garbage Disposal Boiling water and a lot of ground citrus can sometimes help get rid of garbage disposal odor and leave your kitchen smelling like a lemon, Yum! However, you will get better results if you also use ODOREZE® Natural Drain Smell Eliminator which will really do the trick. It    (more...)

  • How to Remove Musty Odor from the Attic


    The attic, a well-loved storage nook in the home, comes with its own set of environmental concerns. Unpleasant smells gathering in the attic can discourage use of the space, and once you've noticed the musty odor, what do you do? Simply follow these simple guidelines, and you'll be back to storing out-of-season items and more with ease and confidence. Visually Inspect the Space Wear eye protection, a dust mask and gloves, particularly if you suffer from allergies. Carefully enter the attic and shine a flashlight int    (more...)

  • 12 Simple But Effective Tips To Remove Odors From Your Kitchen


    All of us love our kitchens, because we associate it to the delicious food we love and the good times we enjoy at home with friends and family. A tasty dish along with the right company can be totally delightful. It’s difficult to resist the lovely smell of our favorite meals which can invoke pleasant memories. The only problem is that the smell of some foods like onion, garlic, and sea food can become unpleasant and linger on in the kitchen even hours or days after cooking. If humidity levels are high in the kitche    (more...)

  • How to Get Rid of Dead Rodent Smell


    You can find a solution to dead rodent smell in our free smell removal guide so you don't have to put up with the sickening smell or dread entering your house. Got Dead Rodent Smell Problem? If dead rodents such as mice, rats or squirrels have invaded your home, it's necessary to get rid of them as quickly as possible. They carry diseases, breed exponentially, and they can create an infestation in no time. Killing dead rodents with a poison can solve one problem but unfortunately lead to another. This happens when the poiso    (more...)

  • How to Get Rid of Mildew Smell


    Mildew thrives in areas of excess moisture and leaves behind a stale and undesirable smelly odor on every surface they invade. Learn how to stop musty smell with our informative guide. Get Mildew Smell Out Now Mildew is an organism that thrives in areas of excess moisture and leaves behind a stale and undesirable smelly odor. The term mildew is often used to generically refer to mold growth in households. They can thrive on many organic materials including cloth, leather, paper, ceilings, walls, and floors. Consequently,    (more...)

  • How to Get Rid of Paint Smell


    If you used solvent based paint that resulted in paint odor, take immediate action to get the smell out from paint. Out guide outlines good solutions to rid paint smell and prevent exposure to harmful chemicals. Get Paint Smell Out Now Paint smell can be extremely unpleasant and may concern you because of your exposure to harmful emissions. Painting your home will give it a welcome fresh new look, but at the same time you might end up with new paint smells and new hazards as well. When faced with this problem, many homeow    (more...)

  • How to Get Rid of Dead Mouse Smell


    The smell from decaying dead mice is generated by a combination of chemicals and the odor is disgusting to all except vultures! Eliminate dead mouse smell using our free guides. Got Dead Mouse Smell Problem? If dead rodents such as mice, rats or squirrels have invaded your home, it's necessary to get rid of them as quickly as possible. They carry diseases, breed exponentially, and they can create an infestation in no time. Killing mice with a poison can solve one problem but unfortunately lead to another. This happens    (more...)

  • How to Get Rid of Dead Animal Smell


    A smell free home is also a sign of a healthy home. Learn how to get the dead animal smell out from our free smell removal guides. It's a matter of your health and we do wish you well. Got Smell of Dead Animal? If rodents such as mice, rats or squirrels have invaded your home, it's necessary to get rid of them as quickly as possible. They carry diseases, breed exponentially, and they can create an infestation in no time. Killing rodents with a poison can solve one problem but unfortunately lead to another. This happen    (more...)

  • How to Get Rid of Basement Smell


    Learn How to Get Rid of Basement Smell from our smell removal guide and keep your basement smelling clean and fresh without spending a fortune. A smell free basement is also a sign of a healthy basement. So get the basement smell out because it’s a matter of your health and we do wish you well. Got Smell of Mildew? Basements are a great place for storage and recreational activity. Unfortunately, your basement is likely to develop a moldy odor with time that can be difficult to eliminate. To make matters worse, the musty s    (more...)