How to Get Smell Out of Things

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  • 7 Easy Ways to Battle Trash Can Odors Effectively

    The battle with trash can odors is a never-ending one in many households. It might reach a point where you may even dread stepping on the lever to pop it open for fear of filling the whole house with a foul smell. Well, you can’t place all the blame on the trash can, as long as you keep throwing those leftovers in there. The good news is that it does not have to be this way. With time, I have come to realize that when you put certain measures in place, these odors do not have to be a problem. To help you take the battle    (more...)

  • Choosing Carpet Cleaning Products


    Deep cleaning never promises an easy approach. Hoovering does not require moving furniture, while carpet cleaning means you need to move your furniture or remove it from the room entirely. And the most disappointing thing is that you have to wait a considerably long time for fabrics to dry before you start putting everything back into its original order. It is not a surprise that you rarely have the desire to tackle this “fantastic” procedure of cleaning carpets in your house. It could have been the end of the wor    (more...)

  • 4 Remedies for Stubborn Odors

    There is nothing more pleasant than a clean, fresh-smelling home. Unfortunately, your home can also be a breeding ground for nasty odors. Here are some common home odors and how to get rid of them: Stinky Garbage Can Everybody is familiar with the stinky smell of a full garbage can. Eggshells, potato skins, and apple cores are all heaped together to create a disgusting symphony of smell. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to get rid of the odor: take out the trash. But what if the garbage can still stinks? You might be    (more...)

  • How to Get that Musty Smell Out of Your Stored Items

    Those precious goods that you so carefully stored away have maintained their condition over the last few years, with one exception: they now have that awful mildew-y smell. Items like baby clothes and holiday décor are only needed periodically and often remain in storage longer than they are in use, but that doesn’t mean that you have to put up with that pungent smell. Use these tips to get your most commonly stored items back to their original condition. Clothing Clothing fibers make it easy to trap scents, and the mo    (more...)

  • Carpet Cleaning: Stain Removal

    Most people learn at a young age just how important carpeting is upon visiting the home of a neat-freak relative who insists on shoe removal before tramping around inside the home. But those more overzealous carpet owners often have good reason to be so diligent in regards to its protection: carpeting can be very expensive, and it can also be easily damaged. After all, most people have one or two horror stories regarding bright white carpeting and an errant glass of red wine. This is where stain removal comes into play. Eff    (more...)

  • How to Control Smelly Compost Odor

    As people throughout the world turn a more attentive eye to the environment, new ways to promote sustainable living become popular. But some environmentally friendly methods of reducing the old carbon footprint have been around for ages. Take composting for example. This type of recycling is an extension of what occurs naturally, and it is has been practiced by many people for about as long as there has been waste itself. But there are an equal if not greater portion of the population that have yet to discover the positives    (more...)