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  • Chemical Storage Cabinet Vapors Q & A’s

    Need to Control Vapour in Chemical Storage Cabinet Question: We have a problem with solvent vapour in one of our storage cabinet. Which product do you recommend to solve this problem? Do you also sell your product in Brazil? Best Regards, Dr. Grzegorz, Brazil Answer: The challenge of controlling harmful vapour building up in chemical storage cabinets is a common problem here in the USA at chemical companies with labs. We have a product called VAPORSORB® Reusable Vapor Absorbent Pouch that is routinely used to absorb and    (more...)

  • Feces Odor Q & A’s

    Cattle Stall Fecal Odor Eliminator Question: How does SMELLEZE® Animal Waste Deodorizer work and how will it affect the ground minerals when put back on the ground as fertilizer? My applications are in cattle stalls back. Answer: If you use it in cattle stalls, this fecal odor remover will absorb and retain the ammonia from the urine and feces which cause most of the cattle stall odor. When you apply the used SMELLEZE® to your fields, the ammonia will be slowly released back which will be beneficial for you. How do I C    (more...)

  • Oven Odor Q & A’s

    Toxic Odor from Oven Cleaning Question: Hello, I have been online trying to find a product that will effectively remove the toxic odors from our building and I came across your website. This is a 7,500 square foot building that houses a non-profit human services agency. Yesterday, a volunteer turned on the self-cleaning oven in our volunteer’s kitchen to clean up a cheese spill in the bottom. Within a short time, toxic fumes were barreling out of the oven and filling the building with smoke that burned your eyes and cau    (more...)

  • Printing Odor

    Question: We are one of the leading printing & publishing houses based in Dubai (UAE). We would like eliminate printing odors (foul smell) inside the machine room area / CTP area. Please suggest us a suitable deodorizer which is used successfully in the printing industry. Our requirement is for: Machine room area (12, 060 square feet) CTP room (4,370 square feet) Based on the above mentioned area, please send us a quotation for Printing Smell Deodorizer Pouches which can treat 16, 430 square feet. Please also let    (more...)

  • Dead Animal Odor


    Get Dead Rat Odor Away from Furniture Question: Can you please advise me how to remove dead rat smell from upholstered furniture without using any harmful chemicals or fragrances. The stench from the decay is disgusting! Answer: I would suggest placing a SMELLEZE® Reusable Dead Rat Smell Removal Deodorizer Pouch or two next to the furniture. It will remove the odor that is being emitted by the furniture. For greater effectiveness, you can cover the furniture so the pouch is only working in a confined area. You can also use    (more...)


    Ammonia Removal from Cabinets Question: I have a question about one of your products, the AmmoSorb® Ammonia Smell Removal Pouch: XXL. I would like to get some of your ammonia odor eliminators for a few cabinets that we have in our lab space, I was wondering how big these pouches are and whether or not they would fit in our cabinets, or whether I should just get the 2.5 lb bag and place a dish of the material in the cabinets. Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing back from you. Michael Answer: Our AmmoSorb®    (more...)

  • Polyurethane Odor Q & A’s

    How to Get Rid of Polyurethane Odor Question: I just had my first floor wood floors stained and coated with polyurethane. The odor from the polyurethane is really bad. Do you have any products that will eliminate it? Our first floor is basically an open area about 1,200 SF that we stained. You can smell the solvent odor on our second floor and the basement also. Any ideas? Thanks, Byron, MO Answer: Sorry to hear about your problem. We can certainly help you. What you are experiencing occurs quiet frequently. Basically    (more...)

  • Air Purifier Q & A’s

    Questions About Using Sanibulb® Air Sanitizer & Air Purifier CFLs Question: I was interested in purchasing the Sanibulb® CFL bulbs to replace the light bulbs in most rooms in my home to help cut down on dust and other allergens, but I read somewhere that these type of bulbs must be used in an upright position to be effective. Is that the case? That seems to somewhat limit the types of lamps that the bulbs could be effectively used in. For instance, I had planned to place 4 of the Sanibulb® Air Sanitizer CFLs in my    (more...)

  • Burnt Odor Q & A’s

    How Do I Get Burnt Chicken Smell Out? Question: I need to get the burned chicken odor out of my house. The pots were scorched with chicken breast in the bottom of the pot and the burning smell is just terrible. Next time I’m going to pay more attention to my cooking!! Kathy, GA Answer: Firstly, I would suggest using SMELLEZE® Reusable Smoke Odor Deodorizer Pouches to remove the burnt odor in your kitchen and house. It will absorb and eliminate it without any scents. It really works! Secondly, use ODOREZE® All Purpos    (more...)

  • Moisture Remover Q & A’s

    How do I Dehumidify my Basement Safely? Question: Good morning. I live on the East Coast of Virginia. The air here is humid and sticky all year around. Whatever I do to remove humidity from my basement and house (vents, AC), the wet air keeps bringing in more moist air. Do you have any suggestions on how to keep my basement and house relatively dry? I would really appreciate your help in this matter. Thank you. Katie Answer: Yes, we can help! I suggest using MOISTURESORB Reusable Moisture Removal Pouches. These can si    (more...)

  • Cooking odor Q & A’s

    How do I Eliminate Curry Smell? Question: Please let me know which products would best remove curry cooking odor Thank you Emma Answer: I would suggest using SMELLEZE® Restaurant Smell Removal Pouches for eliminating cooking and curry odors. Simply place in areas with the curry odor and smell the difference. It works really well! This is also a 100% natural product so it is safe to use in the kitchen around food Please go to for more info and to order Garlic Odor Elimination Question: How do I rid th    (more...)

  • Chemical Odor Q & A’s

    How do you get the Smell of Chemicals & Enzyme out of Carpet? Question: I need to get the smell of chemicals/enzyme treatment out of my carpet. My dog had a virus or had eaten something bad and defecated all over my carpet. I called a professional cleaning company who used a combination of pre-treatment with an enzyme solution and steam cleaning. It left an unpleasant chemical-like odor and the fecal smell still came through from time to time. So I called them back. They came back and sprayed again, an extra heavy    (more...)

  • Clothing Odor Q & A’s

    How Do I Remove Chemical Odor in Dry Cleaned Clothing Question: What product should we purchase to eliminate a lingering odor that has persisted for 18 months following the dry cleaning of linen/wool mix curtains (4 sets) all in the same room? We believe the smell may be caused by a chemical reaction caused by a preservative on/added to the material at the production stage. Any and all assistance greatly appreciated. Alvin, Ireland Answer: VAPORSORB® Vapor Absorbent Pouches will help you to remove the chemical odor in you    (more...)