How to Rid Auto Smell

  • 4 Best Deep Cleaning & Deodorizing Car Tips after Your Summer Road Trip

    What did you bring back from your summer road trip? A tan? Some mementoes? Photographs? These were planned souvenirs. What about the unplanned ones? I’m sure your car became home to many random items. And your car can store smells. Are they overpowering yet? Perhaps you’re already used to them after hours in the car. But they can’t stay. You’ll never be able to sell your car. Smells can even signal rot or mildew. How do you solve this problem? I know you’re already dreading the cleaning process. Cars are    (more...)

  • 3 Steps to Eliminating that “New Car” Smell


    For years, car buyers sought that luxurious "new car" smell. They even made air fresheners with the scent so drivers could keep the smell fresh for years. However, what many of us didn't know was how toxic those odors can be. That "new car" smell can originate from toxic chemicals used in many of the materials in your car's interior. From the seat cushions and door panels to your steering wheel and dashboard, dangerous chemicals leach from your car into the cabin air and even create a film or "fog" that commonly coat    (more...)

  • Study finds New Car Smell is a Health Hazard


    Anyone who loves the smell of new cars should be forewarned that the chemicals producing that smell can be hazardous to a person’s health. A 2001 study conducted by the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation in 2001 and a 2006 report released by the Ecology Center which is entitled, “Toxic at Any Speed: Chemicals in Cars and the Need for Safe Alternatives,” both show that the chemical smells given off by new cars are infect toxic and make people sick. Overall, the smell is made up of    (more...)

  • Cleaning Up Truck Cab & Trailer Smell

    The truck is certainly the warhorse of the automotive world. Whether it's a semi or a pickup, these vehicles toil day in and day out to facilitate drivers' diverse needs, from cross-country long hauls to schlepping construction materials across town. And even though trucks are designed for work, they are still vulnerable to the effects of overwork. One common issue that can plague a truck in constant use is foul odor. Yes, over time it's possible to notice some unpleasant or even downright noxious fumes emanating from the c    (more...)

  • How to Get Rid of Car Smell

    The Smelly Car Nightmare It's one of car owners' worst nightmares: the discovery of an offensive odor of a seemingly unknown origin. There's no obvious cause and no clear way to go about removing the problem. Sometimes these foul smells are so mysterious that the auto owner doesn't even know where to begin in order to attack the problem. But these are extreme circumstances. And even in these somewhat-rare instances there is always a solution to the problem. Oftentimes the smell is the result of an initial spill from food,    (more...)