How to Rid Dead Animal Smell

  • How to Eliminate Dead Animal Smells from Attics

    Animals can be a year-round problem when they gain access to your attic. Since the space is often one that is rarely accessed, rodents and other, larger, animals may find or create ways into your attic in order to live, nest, and die. When animals die in your attic, their remains will decompose at varying rates, depending on the conditions. To get rid of dead animal smells in your attic, you need to remove both surface and air borne odors. Smelleze® Reusable Dead Animal Smell Eliminator Pouches and Smelleze® Natural    (more...)

  • Getting Rid of Dead Animal Smells in Air Ducts

    Dead animals create a smell so intense that even when the carcass is removed, the terrible odor can remain for some time. If the dead animal is in or near air ducts that confined odor problem can be distributed throughout the house. Eliminating air borne dead animal smells in air ducts requires an odor removal product specifically developed to eradicate dead animal smells at the molecular level. Smelleze® Reusable Dead Animal Smell Eliminator Pouches are designed to absorb and remove odor molecules from the air, resul    (more...)

  • Getting Rid Of Dead Animal Smell In Outdoor Spaces

    Rid Dead Animal Odor

    The stench of a dead animal can ruin your outdoor events and recreational spaces. Finding and removing the carcass is rarely an option, so you need a way to get rid of the smell even if the dead animal cannot be removed. Since natural, organic processes are involved in decomposition, it makes sense to use an all-natural solution to neutralize dead animal smells. These foul odors take place at the cellular level, as decay sets in and bacteria take over. Fragrances cannot overcome the intense stench a dead animal creates.    (more...)

  • How to Get Rid of Dead Animal Smell in a Wall

    Dead animal smells in a wall are most often caused by mice that have chewed wiring and been electrocuted or have consumed poison. It is difficult, if not impossible, to remove a dead animal in your wall, so you need a dead animal smell removal product that works even when the carcass is still in the wall. The smell of a dead mouse can last for weeks, so you need something strong and long-lasting to eradicate that dead animal smell in the wall. Smelleze® Reusable Dead Animal Smell Eliminator Pouches can remove that dead    (more...)

  • How to Eliminate Dead Animal Smells in Your Car

    The smell of a dead animal is terrible no matter where you encounter it, but in the confined spaces of your car it can be particularly bad. Animals can crawl into areas around your engine for warmth or into air ducts. If the animal dies, the resulting dead animal smell in your car can last for weeks. If you hit an animal, the dead animal smell in your car, even with steam cleaning, may remain. You need stink relief that is long-lasting and fast. Smelleze® Reusable Dead Animal Smell Elimination Pouches remove dead anima    (more...)

  • When You Can’t Remove a Dead Animal – You Can Remove the Smell!

    Getting rid of dead animals smells that have your family gagging can seem an impossible task. But, armed with Smelleze® Reusable Dead Animal Smell Eliminator Pouches, you can eradicate these putrid odors at the molecular level. Reduce your dead animal smell risk by blocking access into your home, storing pet foods and other foodstuffs in containers, and cleaning out potential nesting areas. uses premium all natural ingredients in their reusable Smelleze® Pouches that trap and neutralize odor molecules at th    (more...)