How to Rid Personal Smell

  • What Causes Foot & Shoe Odor plus Easy Solutions

    When it comes to common skin issues, foot odor stands out at the top of the list. If no measures are taken, footwear odor will follow and cause all sorts of additional problems. Excess sweating is one of the main factors involved in the process, creating the perfect environment for bacterial and fungal microorganisms to thrive. When such a situation is present, foot and shoe odor becomes omnipresent and additional manifestations become obvious. Keep on reading and discover the best solutions to foot, shoe, boot and sneaker o    (more...)

  • Top 5 Tips to Prevent Underarm Odor

    Sweating is absolutely normal for us humans and it's definitely something we shouldn't be ashamed of. However, body odor, especially underarm odor can sometimes be rather overwhelming for us and others around us. Just ask anyone who has an armygirlfriend or boyfriend, they'll tell you that the smell can be pretty intense. Therefore, in order to help everyone out there fight this particular menace, we decided to share the top 5 tips on how to prevent underarm odor. Choose Antiperspirants Rather Than Deodorants This    (more...)

  • Natural Remedies to Help Get Rid of Bad Body Odor (BO)

    Whether you’re allergic to anti-perspirants or other agents used to control body odor, or you wish to be more environmentally friendly and health conscious and get rid of alcohol-based deodorants that pollute the environment, we'd like to help you fight body odor in the most natural ways. This comprehensive list of natural remedies used to get rid of body odor can be particularly interesting to fitness singles who work out several times a week and sweat more than average people who stay away from gyms. Before we g    (more...)

  • How to Get Rid of Smelly Odors While Fasting to Lose Weight


    Being in tip-top shape is every person's dream. As the famous Buddha prince said: “To keep the body in good health is a duty; otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. ”Maintaining an ideal weight is one of the best methods to stay healthy. Losing weight, however, often leads to the production of unpleasant odors, which could be embarrassing, at times. To help you get rid of smelly odors, here are simple but effective ways you could follow. Avoid abrupt and extreme starvation When you go on diet    (more...)

  • How to Get Smell Out of Shoes, Sneakers & Boots

    Got Stinky Shoes? Time to Think & Act! Troubled with smelly shoes? Fear people around you might faint or run in horror the moment you slip them off? Before your shoes end up becoming a medium for mass destruction, learn about shoe smell and the causes behind it. Shoes, regardless of the type, brand, size or material, tend to become dirty and smelly in no time! Whether the odor comes from your feet or shoes, it is quite easy to control if you know how. The Right Technique The best technique to get shoe smell out is to kn    (more...)

  • How To Keep Boxing Gear Smelling Good

    Boxing Gear Odor Every athlete struggles with smelly gear to a certain extent, but some have a harder time than others. Boxers are among the athletes that struggle in the fight against smelly gear. Even the best boxer, who can win every bout in the ring, loses the bout against his own gloves. Unlike basketball players, who just have sneakers and a change of clothes to wash, boxers have gloves, headgear, and shoes. All of these items pose specific challenges. Here are some tips on how to keep boxing gear smelling    (more...)