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Get Dead Rat Odor Away from Furniture

Can you please advise me how to remove dead rat smell from upholstered furniture without using any harmful chemicals or fragrances. The stench from the decay is disgusting!

I would suggest placing a SMELLEZE® Reusable Dead Rat Smell Removal Deodorizer Pouch or two next to the furniture. It will remove the odor that is being emitted by the furniture. For greater effectiveness, you can cover the furniture so the pouch is only working in a confined area. You can also use the pouches in any other rooms that reek of dead rat.

In addition, you can also scatter SMELLEZE® Eco General Purpose Deodorizer Powder on the upholstered furniture, leave overnight to draw out the odors and then vacuum to eliminate the powder.

This odor treatment will eliminate the stench from the dead rat in your furniture so you can enjoy it again.

Get Smell of Dead Mouse Out of my Kitchen!

Good morning. We have a terrible dead animal smelling in our kitchen. Just returned from a 10-day international trip, thinking it was a mouse and that the stench would be gone (can’t find the stinky “thing”). I am delighted to have found your website but am NOT finding the best product to use to get the stink out (at least for this middle-aged non-techy person!). I’d like to order one of the pouches to eliminate the pong ASAP but don’t see anything on the website that says something like “order products.” Please enlighten me! I really don’t want to spend much more time on this “project!” Thanks.


Coming back to a home that reeks of dead mouse after a nice trip can definitely be challenging especially when you thought it would be gone! We are sorry to hear about this but the good news is that we can help you get rid of the dead mouse odor with a simple but very effective solution. Just place SMELLEZE® Reusable Dead Mouse Odor Elimination Pouches in your kitchen to eliminate the bad decaying odor. Even if you have not found the mouse carcass, this deodorizer will still help you enormously. It’s a reusable product that keeps deodorizing as long as you keep rejuvenating it till the stench is completely gone. No need to buy anymore pouches! Please visit our website to get more info and to order. If you have problems, simply call us at 770-667-8621 and we can process your order over the phone in a few minutes

Thanks for your replies! I’ve called and handled this on the phone. I’m in a bit of a time warp, having just returned from Paris last night…a little foggy (but my nose is working and the smell is awful)! Thank you for all of your assistance. I’ll watch for my package.

Eliminate Dead Squirrel Smell

My car vents smell horrible! My husband removed a dead ground squirrel from the intake vent. Can’t get rid of the stinky smell. Help?

Yes, we can help! I would recommend placing a SMELLEZE® Dead Squirrel Smell Neutralizer Pouch on the vent and you can also place them on the seats/floor to absorb and eliminate the dead squirrel odor from your car without using fragrances which will just make it worse. Please go to our website for more info and to order.

Getting Rid of Dead Possum Odor

This will almost certain be a first …We have an outside cat that lives in it’s own house that I built. Somehow a possum entered the house and unfortunately died inside. And now the cat will not go in her house because it reeks of decaying dead possum. My concern is that with winter on it’s way, the cat will not have a place to go and freeze outside. Please help me eliminate the dead possum odor. Thanks,


You are right! This is a first but fortunately we have a solution to get the possum carcass smell out of your cat’s house easily. Simply place 1-2 SMELLEZE® Dead Possum Odor Control Pouches in the cat’s house and it will absorb and neutralize the terrible ‘death’ odors. You can rejuvenate the pouch by placing it in direct sunlight every week and reusing till all the nasty odors are gone. After this treatment, I’m sure your cat will once again want to use her house when it’s smell-free.

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