Natural Ways To Prevent Pet Odors In Your Home

By Elizabeth Rago

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Oh, the unconditional love of a pet. We invite them into our lives and snuggle with them in our homes, but there’s one tiny aspect that blemishes this beloved relationship. Pet odor problems. Sure, we could say the same thing about humans, but hopefully, the people in our homes are willing to bathe. Ridding your home of pet odors is as easy as being proactive instead of reactive.

Reactive means scattered decisions that usually result in turning to harsh and toxic chemical-laden products. Well, let’s change our approach, shall we? Here are a few natural ways to prevent pet odors in your home…

Power up your Laundry Detergent

Using non-toxic deodorizers in combination with your regular detergent binds various odors in fabric to remove the smell of urine and pets in clothing and blankets. Make sure you use a natural cleaner-deodorizer that is safe to use around pets and children.

Give your Pet a Once Over

When Fido or Fluffy comes into the house from exploring or eliminating, tend to dirty paws with a damp paper towel. While you’re down there, wipe your pet’s coat down too. Set up a pet designated wipe down station with clean towels and a water source by the door to ensure you have all the necessary tools to stop dirt before it comes into the house.

Be Proactive

Brush, brush, brush – outside! This small task will decrease the amount of hair gathering on furniture. There will also come a time when Kitty needs a bath, despite the fact that she uses her tongue to wash herself. The ASPCA has some fantastic tips for success when bathing a feline like tiring out your pet before the bath and using a rubber mat on the floor to minimize slipping.

Tend to the Air

Particles in your home often linger, even when the source of the smell is long gone. Washing the air rids the environment not only of foul odors but harmful and irritating allergens. Using a dual function air purification system, air washers bring wellness and healthy indoor air quality to the next level.

Don’t Forget the Pets with Tanks and Cages.

The standing water in a fish or turtle tank will eventually be a breeding ground for bacteria and smelly water, so remove dirty water and replace with fresh water every other week. Clean or discard old filters once a month. Daily remove all uneaten food and soiled bedding in gerbil cages and clean the cage weekly with warm water and pet-friendly liquid soap. The ASPCA has fantastic recommendations for the care and maintenance of many species of small animals.


Taking the time to increase indoor air quality and rid your home of pungent pet aromas is easy with these simple suggestions and natural deodorizers. You will eventually see that a combination of proactive care for your pet and a little elbow grease will benefit the whole family.

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