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The Smelly Car Nightmare

It’s one of car owners’ worst nightmares: the discovery of an offensive odor of a seemingly unknown origin. There’s no obvious cause and no clear way to go about removing the problem. Sometimes these foul smells are so mysterious that the auto owner doesn’t even know where to begin in order to attack the problem.

But these are extreme circumstances. And even in these somewhat-rare instances there is always a solution to the problem. Oftentimes the smell is the result of an initial spill from food, urine, and vomit, or gas fumes that manages to permeate the car’s upholstery as well as sink into the vents. So before taking the vehicle to an expensive cleaner, car owners experiencing unrelenting odors should follow these quick and effective cleaning tips.

Vacuum Assault

As mentioned above, smells can often get trapped in the vehicle fabrics. The best way to attack this problem is via a car vacuum equipped with an effective upholstery attachment. The trick is to adopt a search-and-destroy mentality, as smells like to hide in the smallest of corners and the narrowest of crevices. That means the cleaner needs to perform a thorough vacuuming that covers every exposed inch of fabric. And if vacuuming doesn’t do the trick, many find success through steam cleaning.

The Baking Soda Option

Most people spill something in their car from time to time. But whether it’s a heap of nachos, a little bit of coffee, missed spots of vomit, or a broken bottle of milk, if left neglected the smell will set and linger for the foreseeable future. One of the suggested ways to curb smells resulting from stains and spills is with the old home remedy standby: baking soda.

However, you may be disappointed with the poor results from this product which is not usually very effective for severe odor problems such as those from spoilt milk and urine. And you still have to pay for it!

Stubborn Smoke Smells

Those who smoke in their cars – or who often have passengers who smoke in their cars – will usually complain that cigarette smoke is one of the toughest smells to remove completely from a vehicle. This is because smoke not only gets in the upholstery but in the ducts and ventilation as well. After cleaning the upholstery, the car owner will want to open the hood, locate the air intake valve and hit it with a few generous bursts of a natural scent-free air deodorizer like ODOREZE®.

Combat Foul with Fresh

Dangling Christmas-tree air fresheners not only aren’t strong enough to combat serious car odor but they are fairly tacky to boot. One effective – and cheap – method of air freshening is to go natural. Car owners can dab a couple cotton balls with vanilla extract and place them on the dash for a pleasant way to cover aggressively nasty car odor. Also, those who like the smell of coffee can opt to keep a small container of their favorite grind in the car.

Although this may provide some temporary relief by masking the odors, it won’t totally eliminate it and is bound to resurface once the scent wears off. Worse still, the scents used could mix with the original odors and result in an even more offensive and hard to remove smell.

SMELLEZE® Reusable Deodorizers: The Best New Hope

After trying vacuuming, baking soda , vanilla, and air fresheners to no avail, most folks will simply throw in the towel. But there are alternative professional methods of smell removal that people all too often overlook that are very cost effective and really work!

For example, SMELLEZE® Reusable Car Smell Removal Pouches is an odor absorber like no other. In fact, there is a SMELLEZE® for every type of odor. Those with lingering smells in their vehicle need only to place a pouch or two in their car. The little guy will then get to work sucking up every foul auto smell like an odor-eating black hole and after a few days the car will smell fresh and new.

If you have spilled something on your carpet, you can simply use SMELLEZE® Natural Carpet Smell Remover Powder to pull out and eliminate the stink. The best way to utilize this product to remove smells is to cover the stain or offending area with a coat, wait a few hours or overnight, and then use the trusty vacuum to suck up the powder.

These amazing products are professionally designed to continuously absorb auto odors from pets, body odor, smoke and from chemical, gas, urine, puke, urine, and milk spills. They work quickly and will result in healthy fresh air instead of further contaminating your vehicle with pollutants by using scented air fresheners.


These are just a few ways to get rid of those stubborn car smells for good. And for those extreme cases where none of the home remedy methods have any noticeable effect then it is time to call in the cavalry. That means using SMELLEZE® professional strength, odor-eradicating deodorizers like to wipe out that oppressive stench for good.

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