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Your kitchen has lingering odors from cooking, spoiled food, and garbage that seep into every corner of your home. Your or your neighbors signature curry fish sauce may smell heavenly when it’s simmering on the stove, but its acrid fishy smell will linger in your kitchen and house for days.

Cooking odor Q & A’s

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How do I Eliminate Curry Smell?

Please let me know which products would best remove curry cooking odor Thank you


I would suggest using SMELLEZE® Restaurant Smell Removal Pouches for eliminating cooking and curry odors. Simply place in areas with the curry odor and smell the difference. It works really well! This is also a 100% natural product so it is safe to use in the kitchen around food

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Garlic Odor Elimination

How do I rid the smell of garlic reeking from a client’s body; it smells up the entire salon? T’U


I would recommend placing SMELLEZE® Cooking/Restaurant Smell Deodorizer Pouch in your salon especially near the client if possible. This is a low key product without any printing on the bag so it can be very discrete and your client will never know! You could also place it inside your air ducts to filter the air if the odor is migrating to other areas. It will get rid of garlic odors.

How do I Remove BBQ Grill Odor & Clean Grease

We have two barbeque grills that we store in an office garage that we use every week during the summer to fund raise. It stinks the office with smoke odor from barbequed burger meat, salmon and veggie burgers. We cannot clean the barbeque grills except to burn it out which we do but still stinks the garage with greasy burnt barbeque smell.

Do you have a product that we can spray to the grill and still be safe to use the following week for food? We sell the food to the public.



I would suggest 2 products which will clean your grill and remove the bad BBQ grill odor:

You can use ODOREZE® Multi Purpose Deodorizer & Cleaner Spray to clean and deodorize the grill. It’s a safe, non-toxic product that does not contain any chemicals.

Secondly, you can place SMELLEZE® Restaurant Smell Deodorizer Pouches inside the grill during storage and also in the garage to absorb and eliminate the smoke and food odors

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