The Chemistry of Odor

What Causes New Furniture Smell?

The only thing that can spoil the excitement of having new furniture in your home is the odor that new furniture emits. Furniture pieces usually undergo multiple chemical treatments during their manufacturing phase. They are painted, varnished, polished – in short a lot of chemicals are involved in furniture manufacturing for achieving that lustrous finish. […]

Decoding the Smell of Foot Odor- Causes and Remedies

Many people have to deal with the problem of smelly feet or foot odor on a day to day basis. Foot odor is not only unpleasant but leads to serious hygiene issues as well which can be embarrassing at times. This problem is more common in people who wear shoes daily for longer durations of […]

The Chemistry of Body Odor (BO)


What Causes Body Odor? Body odor is unpleasant and most of us look for ways to get rid of this bad smell. However, before trying to look for options that can help us eliminate body smell, it is important to understand what exactly causes this malodor and if it poses any risk to our health. […]

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