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Going Green: 9 Experts Tips For an Eco-Friendly Holiday Season and New Year

While the holidays have been coined the best time of the year, it’s also the most wasteful. In fact, between Thanksgiving and the New Year, Americans create 25% more waste than any other time of the year. As you wrap up the holiday season and prepare for the year ahead, we thought who better to […]

How to Rid Unhealthy Classroom Odors


The smell of a classroom can be oh so frightening. Is it the carpet?? Is it the old building? Is it a combination of the students and everything they bring into your classroom? Who knows! But, a lingering smell shouldn’t stop the students from learning or you from teaching! How to Stop the Classroom Smell? […]

Natural Ways To Prevent Pet Odors In Your Home

Oh, the unconditional love of a pet. We invite them into our lives and snuggle with them in our homes, but there’s one tiny aspect that blemishes this beloved relationship. Pet odor problems. Sure, we could say the same thing about humans, but hopefully, the people in our homes are willing to bathe. Ridding your […]

Get the Paint Odor Out and Breath Easy

Paint odor can be extremely unpleasant and may concern you because of your exposure to harmful emissions. It is true that painting your house will give it a welcome fresh new look, but at the same time you might end up with new paint odors and new hazards as well. When faced with this problem, […]

How to Get Basement Smell Out


Basements Can Be A Scary Place! Dark basements have a tendency to scare kids. Interestingly, these basements can also have the same effect on adults! However, the reasons are different. Children fear basements due to dark corners that transport their mind to a world of monsters. Adults, on the other hand, are terrified of the […]

6 Ways to Save Money with Green Washroom Design


In recent years, sustainable design has begun to creep into the mainstream, as millions around the globe have discovered the cost-effectiveness of environmentally conscious design. However, despite much progress, there is still much that can be done at home to save electricity, heat, water, and improve our indoor air quality, much of which can be […]

How to Prevent or Get Cooking Odor Out

Smelly Kitchen? Just because a dish is delicious doesn’t mean your kitchen will smell really great, too. Chances are, some of these wonderful dishes will leave foul lingering cooking odors around your kitchen and worst, your entire house. Below are a few tips to neutralize those unpleasant food odors. Clean Up Oil and Food Spatter […]

How to Get Odor Out from Dead Rodents

It’s not uncommon for uninvited rodents to make their way into your home or business. If you were unfortunate enough to have had a rodent die in your home, you know will how pungent the odor is. Dead rodent odor is very easy to notice and hard to forget.

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