How do you get the Smell of Chemicals & Enzyme out of Carpet?

I need to get the smell of chemicals/enzyme treatment out of my carpet. My dog had a virus or had eaten something bad and defecated all over my carpet. I called a professional cleaning company who used a combination of pre-treatment with an enzyme solution and steam cleaning. It left an unpleasant chemical-like odor and the fecal smell still came through from time to time. So I called them back. They came back and sprayed again, an extra heavy application this time. It was so strong that I could not sleep here for two days. I have dogs and this is a huge health concern for me. Three days later, I had them come back out to try to remove it. They cleaned it again with just water. A week later, I can still smell some fecal matter and the strong enzyme smell. Can you please help me? Thank you!!

I would recommend using SMELLEZE® Carpet Deodorizer Powder to draw out the chemical and fecal odors from the carpet and to eliminate it without fragrances. In addition, you can place SMELLEZE® Pet Deodorizer Pouches in the problem areas to remove the odors from the air that you already have. The great thing about the pouches is that they are reusable and you can continue to use them after the odor is gone to prevent new dog odors as well.

How to Remove Mercury Vapors?

Do you have any products that would reduce the amount of mercury vapors in a small room after having broken a CFL light bulb? Recently a large CFL broke at my cubicle at work.

Unfortunately, the maintenance crew vacuumed the area before I arrived at work, likely throwing the mercury vapors everywhere.

I recently read an article about some Brown University students who created a nano-mat or cover than could be placed over broken CFLs to absorb the harmful mercury vapors, but it looks like they are no longer in business.

I am looking for items that would effectively clean both hard surfaces, such as a desk, of small mercury particulate or vapors, as well as items that can potentially clean carpets of mercury vapors. Again, the bulb broke over my carpet and we cannot replace the wall-to-wall carpet…the area was already vacuumed, so I am looking for ways to reduce any mercury vapors.

Would your Smelleze® or Vaporsorb products help to absorb mercury vapors? Would it be best to use the vaporsorb pouch alone or can I place the Vaporsorb granules on the carpet where the CFLs broke and then vacuum later?

The EPA recommends against vacuuming, as this can throw the vapors around and contaminate the vacuum, but again, it was already done. So I am looking for ways to further reduce and clean my desk area.

Can you overnight your products? Great! Thank you so much!


You can use SMELLEZE® Reusable Industrial Smell Deodorizer Pouch. This works entirely on the principle of absorption by attracting the odors and absorbing them. It does not emit negative ions so you don’t have to be concerned about that. So you can think of it as a chemical sponge.

Please go to for more info and to order. And, yes, we can overnight anything you order.

How large or small of an area will the Smelleze® pouch clean the air of vapors? How many square feet?

When you rejuvenate it in the sun…does it matter if it is in the Winter time or cloudy? Does it depend on temperature or just direct sunlight? Again, if cloudy…will it still rejuvenate? Also, I am not concerned with odors as much as low level mercury vapors…do we need to rejuvenate every week…or will once a month suffice?

Each pouch will treat about 200-300 sq. ft.

Rejuvenation in direct sunlight and warmer weather is optimal. Rejuvenate the pouches weekly for first couple weeks until most of the mercury vapors are removes and then you can revert to doing it monthly