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How to Completely Get Rid of Cat Litter Odor

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If you own a cat, you probably have experienced annoying issues with litter box odors. The smell can get unbearable sometimes and drive you absolutely crazy. Luckily, you do not have to live with the smell forever. There are several things you can do to get rid of the kitty litter odor in your home for good. Here are some of them.

Invest in a Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

One option to controlling the stench is to invest in a self cleaning cat litter box. This type of unit scoops up the litter every time your cat uses the box. Although a self cleaning kitty litter box is convenient, the downside is that it’s quiet expensive and can cost over $200 for a good reliable one. If you can’t afford to spend that much on a litter box, consider purchasing an enclosed one with a swinging door and use a deodorizer to control the odor.

Choose the Right Type of Litter

It is important to choose a good litter product that will control cat litter odor as much as possible. Clumping litters are easy to clean, which makes it easier to limit odor. However, you will probably need some additional help to completely deodorize if your cat’s urine is especially smelly due to health or other reasons.

Put a Mat In Front of the Litter Box

Make sure to put a small mat in front of the litter box so that your cat does not drag any stinky litter or other debris around the house. Remember to vacuum the mat frequently to keep it clean.

Use an Odor Control Additive

One really easy and cost effective solution is to mix or sprinkle Smelleze® Natural Cat Litter Odor Control Additive with the litter. This deodorizer will absorb and eliminate those nasty urine and fecal smells while extending the life of your kitty litter to save you money. Furthermore, all the ingredients are natural, non-toxic, odorless, and safe so you don’t have to worry about using it around your cat or family. This product can also be used to eliminate smells from any accidents that your cat might have in your home by simply sprinkling on trouble spots, leaving for a few minutes, and vacuuming.

Use Odor Removal Deodorizers

Consider using odor control deodorizers around your home. The Smelleze® Reusable Pet Smell Removal Pouch is a great deodorizing product to use. It is environmentally friendly, eliminates pet smells, contains natural ingredients, and can be reused for years. It can also be placed on you return air vents to constantly filter out those unpleasant cat odors that tend to linger around in the air. This product will really remove all the cat odors and keep you entire home smelling fresh and clean.

Wash the Litter Box

Develop a regular schedule to dump out the old kitty litter and give the box a thorough washing to prevent odors from building up. If the box is getting smelly, use ODOREZE® All Purpose Odor Eliminator to get the smell out when cleaning. You can use it by itself or just add to your regular cleaning detergent, wash, and smell the difference! This is a natural product that comes as a concentrate so it goes a long way and is always safe to use.

Clear the Air

Although you might think an air freshener would help get rid of the kitty litter odor, it is not generally a good option. Air fresheners are masking agents that just mix with the smells, usually creating an even more unpleasant odor. If the cat litter box is in a room with a window, you should regularly open it up to air out the room. Also, place a fan outside of the window to draw the air out of the room.

If you follow these tips, you won’t have to hold you nose every time you enter the room the litter box is in. Spending time inside your home will be much more pleasant when you don’t have to deal with litter box odors anymore.

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  • I just moved into an apartment and the people who lived here before me clearly had a cat. They used the room where I hang my coats as their litter box room and it still smells like a cat litter box. How can I get rid of this smell so my clothes don’t pick it up.

    • I would suggest getting our cat litter granules and sprinkling them all around the room that was used as the litter box previously.

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