Mildew thrives in areas of excess moisture and leaves behind a stale and undesirable smelly odor on every surface they invade. Learn how to stop musty smell with our informative guide.

Get Mildew Smell Out Now

Mildew is an organism that thrives in areas of excess moisture and leaves behind a stale and undesirable smelly odor. The term mildew is often used to generically refer to mold growth in households. They can thrive on many organic materials including cloth, leather, paper, ceilings, walls, and floors. Consequently, they can leave their smell on every surface they invade.

The main cause of mildew is dampness and improper lighting. It starts because of plumbing or roof leaks, overflows from sinks or bath tubs, high humidity, and so forth. It causes considerable damage by leaving a musty smell and discoloring fabrics and surfaces. Mildew spreads very fast, in approximately about 24-48 hours and the more it spreads, the stronger the smell gets.

Letting the air flow freely by opening windows and doors, proper circulation, allowing light in by opening drapes and blinds, and stopping old leaks can lead to a lessening of the mildew smell but does not eliminate it completely. In order to get rid of the mildew smell, one has to use something more effective than just extra lighting or proper ventilation alone. It should be noted that homemade smell removers also are not effective enough to get the mildew smell out.

Sometimes, people get wrongly advised and start using hazardous materials to remove mildew smells, without considering the ill effects of mildew smell removal through harmful chemicals. Silica gel, activated alumina, anhydrous calcium sulfate, and calcium chloride have also been used to control moisture in order to rid mildew smell but one has to exercise caution when using these chemicals which can be expensive and messy.

But, help is on the way if you are looking for a mildew smell remover that is eco-friendly, non-toxic, safe and 100% natural. We have found a dual action chemical-free mildew smell eliminator that works really well namely MOISTURESORB Reusable Moisture & Smell Removal Pouch. Firstly, it eliminates the source of the mildew smell, i.e. moisture and prevents new mildew smell from forming. Secondly, it absorbs and eliminates existing mildew smell to give you immediate relief.

Best of all, unlike all the mildew odor removal products mentioned above, this moisture & smell remover is reusable, easy to use, does not create any mess, less expensive and lasts for many years. To get the smell out, simply place in areas with mildew smell. To rejuvenate this moisture and smell removal product, place in direct sunlight or heat in a microwave and reuse. It’s as easy as that to rid smell from mildew with the right smell eliminator!


Kim Kennedy is a freelance smell remover blogger who writes about eco-friendly musty smell removal products that get mildew smell out safely without covering it up with fragrances.