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  • Hello – We were flooded under our trailer (home) – not bad – need to put under trailer – large area – what do you suggest – Also truck floor got wet – need mildew odor removed in truck – smaller space – Thank you

    • You can sprinkle MoistureSorb™ Reusable Moisture & Odor Absorbent Granules under your home to draw out moisture and odor resulting from water damage before it’s released into the air. Just sprinkle and leave them there.

      For your truck… use MoistureSorb™ Reusable Moisture & Odor Absorbent Pouches to eliminate strong musty and mildew smells that can result from water damage. As an added benefit, this product will also absorb excessive moisture to help prevent mold growth.

      For a breath of fresh air, simply place MoistureSorb™ pouches in the cab of the vehicle where it suffered from water damage.

      This is an effective treatment for smells caused by water damage that are outgassing slowly since the MoistureSorb™ pouches work continuously 24/7 to eliminate odors which otherwise would be reabsorbed to continue this cycle.

      Secondly, you can sprinkle MoistureSorb™ Reusable Moisture & Odor Absorbent Powder on your carpet or floor board to draw out moisture and odor resulting from water damage before it’s released into the air. Allow it to work overnight or longer with all the doors and windows closed. Then simply vacuum and repeat the treatment, if necessary, until all the odors are removed.

  • My brother died in his small farm home and laid there a week. I need to get smell out and these cleaning companies cost too much money. We already cleaned up the liquid mess on hard surfaces but not the carpet. What do you suggest for the smell?

    • Firstly, you can sprinkle Smelleze® Natural Corpse Smell Removal Deodorizer Powder on the area where you found the corpse to absorb and eliminate the decomposition odors before they are released. Leave for a few hours or overnight to allow the powder to work. The longer the better. Then simply vacuum up, and repeat the process, if necessary.

      In addition, use Smelleze® Reusable Corpse Smell Deodorizer Pouches to eliminate the airborne cadaver odor.

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