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Once that horrible dead animal smell invades your home your mission will be clear: get rid of it - fast! Your best bet is to use a proven deodorizer that is made specially to do this job - Smelleze®® Natural Outdoor Dead Animal Odor Removal Granules.

Getting Rid Of Dead Animal Smell In Outdoor Spaces

Rid Dead Animal Odor
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The stench of a dead animal can ruin your outdoor events and recreational spaces. Finding and removing the carcass is rarely an option, so you need a way to get rid of the smell even if the dead animal cannot be removed. Since natural, organic processes are involved in decomposition, it makes sense to use an all-natural solution to neutralize dead animal smells. These foul odors take place at the cellular level, as decay sets in and bacteria take over. Fragrances cannot overcome the intense stench a dead animal creates. has developed a highly effective, all-natural product, Smelleze® Natural Dead Animal Odor Removal Granules that absorb dead animal smells at the molecular level, while also being chemical- and toxin-free, easy to use, and safe for people, pets, and the planet.

Dead Animals Stink!

Nothing can shut down your backyard festivities faster than the stench of a dead animal. Depending on the size and type of animal, your neighbors may even be holding their noses. You need a fast, easy solution to get rid of this dead animal smell, which is right thinking:  get rid of the smell.

Say “No” to Fragrance

That means not falling into the fragrance trap. When you’re dealing with this kind of stink, no fragrance on earth can overpower the stench-creating decomposition processes you face with a dead animal. That leaves you with the obvious solution: removing the dead animal.  No dead animal – no smell! Right? 

The Carcass is the Stinky Source

Unfortunately, removing the dead animal is not always an option. You may opt to contact your local pest professional, but this could be costly and the dead animal smell will remain until all fluids from the carcass, and the surface it was on, dry out. If the carcass is in a spot that stays moist or humid, the smell could hang around for weeks.

So, are you stuck with that nose-hair-curling dead animal stench?  Not at all!

Decomposition is a natural process that breaks down organic material, such as a dead animal, at the cellular level. The dead animal smell is produced when decomposition produces fermentation of internal liquid, which then produce noxious gases. To combat the dead animal smell, you need an organic, all-natural weapon, such as our Smelleze® Natural Dead Animal Odor Removal Granules.

Smelleze® to the Rescue! developed our Smelleze® Natural Dead Animal Odor Removal Granules as an easy to use and highly effective tool for the all-to-common problem of not being able to locate or remove a dead animal carcass. The granules are designed to absorb dead animal smells at a molecular level by contact with the carcass itself or the surfaces around it.

Tremendously easy to use, the granules can be dropped between decking boards, tossed under porches or decks, into crawl spaces and other difficult to reach spots. Even if you cannot see the dead animal, but know the area it is in, you can produce effective elimination of the smell by applying the granules in the stink hot zone.

Safe, Effective, Non-Toxic, & Recyclable

Smelleze® Natural Dead Animal Odor Removal Granules offer the additional benefits of being chemical-free and recyclable. With no harmful chemicals or fragrances and no toxins, you can use our granules to remove dead animal smells knowing they are safe for people, pets, and the planet.

Since our Smelleze® granules are designed to absorb odors at the molecular level, they are tremendously effective at getting rid of those terrible dead animal smells, becoming part of the organic process and neutralizing odors at the odor source.

In addition to being completely safe to use and highly effective at removing dead animal smells, our granules have the added benefit of offering long lasting effectiveness by auto-rejuvenating in heat or sunlight after a rain.

Protection Against Potential Health Hazards

Smelleze® Natural Dead Animal Odor Removal Granules will not only take care of the dead animal smell that’s stinking up your outdoor spaces, it will also act as protection against the potential health hazards that can result from a decomposing carcass.

Left to decompose, a dead animal produces not only foul smells, but also becomes a breeding ground for flies and maggots, as well as numerous strains of bacteria. The neutralizing capabilities of our Smelleze® granules help to protect against these hazards while also neutralizing those terrible odors.

Be Prepared – Keep Smelleze® On Hand

We share our outdoor spaces with all the wild animals living around us, and normally, our contact with these little neighbors is limited to laughing over their antics, taking steps to keep them out of our garbage, or setting out feeders to attract more of them. This dense interaction means that ultimately we will also have an animal seek sanctuary under our houses, garages, out buildings, and decks when they are ill or dying.

When this happens, we urge you to take the resulting dead animal smell in stride by having Smelleze® Natural Dead Animal Odor Removal Granules on hand.  A few sprinkles or tossed handfuls of granules and dead animal smells are gone, leaving you able to relax and enjoy your outdoor spaces or events once again. Smelleze® Natural Dead Animal Odor Removal Granules – Safe, Effective, Non-Toxic, and Recyclable!

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