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    It is extremely difficult to tell someone that he or she has an odor problem without offending that person. But sometimes it is necessary because it could be causing problems for a loved one or a family member. Likewise, a person wearing a perfume might not know how she might be negatively impacting the health of a chemically sensitive co-worker. In another instance, a neighbors smelly yard or spicy cooking odors may be causing you distress. Or you may just want to alert your favorite restaurant of their stinky bathroom situation before they start loosing customers.

    The purpose of this form is to simply alert the odor or perfume offender of the problem in the least offensive way so that a solution can be found. It is our hope that this will be mutually beneficial for all affected parties. It should not be used to embarrass anybody or abused in any way . Please be aware that the odor offender will be able to report any abuse.

    We request that the person submitting the information provide their name and email to ensure that this form will not be abused in any way. The reporter will be remain anonymous by default unless you chose not to.

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