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AmmoSorb™ Reusable Ammonia Removal Pouch eliminates ammonia smell without harmful chemicals with . Ammonia odor doesn't stand a chance. AmmoSorb™ is reusable, lasts a year & great at ammonia removal. Safe for people, pets & planet. This green deodorizer really works to clear ammonia gas & amonia smell!

How to Get Rid of Ammonia Smell, Gas and Spill

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What is Ammonia?

It is an inorganic substance that is naturally produced by nature, humans, and their activities. Humans and nature produce about the same amount of ammonia per year. Ammonia is made up of one nitrogen atom and three hydrogen atoms. The nitrogen component is very important for animal and plant survival. Ammonia is also produced by bacteria that reside in human intestines.

It is most commonly found in the form of a colorless gas that has an obviously distinct ammonia odor which can be suffocating if you are exposed to it. It is called liquid ammonia or aqueous ammonia if it is mixed in water, but as soon as it is exposed to air, it becomes ammonia gas. It can also be liquefied by applying a large amount of pressure.

Where is Ammonia Found?

It can be found in air, water, and soil. The majority of ammonia smell found in the environment is from the breakdown of manure, urine, and decomposition of dead plants and animals. It is found in rainwater, rivers, and bays. Ammonia levels are highest in the spring and summer. Ammonia odor can also be found at hazardous waste sites. Plants use ammonia in the air or soil and it’s essential for their survival.

How Can I be Exposed to Ammonia?

Exposure will occur in one’s body because bacteria within intestines produce it. Exposure can also happen by breathing air contaminated with ammonia, drinking water with ammonia, or by skin contact with ammonia. Since it is naturally occurring, ammonia odor air exposure is most common.

Ammonia’s strong odor will most likely cause you to smell it before it is at a high enough exposure to harm you. Low levels of ammonia may harm sensitive people; such as ones who have asthma. High levels of ammonia smell can come from household cleaners, fertilizers, and an area with pets or farm animals. The household cleaners that have ammonia are window cleaners, floor wax, and smelling salt.

Ammonia can enter the body through breathing it or by drinking water with ammonia. It could also enter through the skin if it spills and is absorbed. Ammonia that is swallowed will interact with the body and some can be discharged through urine.

How Can Ammonia Affect my Health?

If exposed, the eyes and skin can become very irritated and itchy. Eyes can water because of irritation and coughing can occur. If exposed to a high level of ammonia odor, it can cause burning of the throat, lungs, eyes, and/or skin. It could cause blindness, lung damage or even death. It can also cause wheezing and/or chest pain. If ammonia comes in contact with skin, immediately flush and wash with plenty of water.

Can Ammonia to Cause Cancer?

There has not been any evidence found to show that ammonia causes cancer.

Does Ammonia Affect Children?

Children are less likely to be exposed to ammonia because most exposure to ammonia occurs in a work setting. If children are exposed to high levels of ammonia, the affects will be the same as they are to adults: coughing, wheezing, irritation, burning of skin or eyes. There is no evidence to show that exposure to ammonia causes birth defects or if it can pass to a fetus.

Is There a Medical Test for Ammonia Exposure?

There are tests that measure ammonia levels in urine and blood, but this would not tell you if you had been exposed to ammonia since your body produces ammonia on its own. You could not tell if the ammonia was from exposure from the environment or your body itself.

Are there Ammonia Regulations to Protect Health?

The EPA has limits on how much ammonia can be released through water each day. OSHA has published the maximum permissible exposure limit to ammonia gas by workers. The FDA also has limits on the amount of ammonia that can be in foods. Following these standards help protect human health.

How to Get Rid of Ammonia Smell

If you need to eliminate ammonia odor from the air, we recommend using AMMOSORB® Reusable Ammonia Smell Removal Pouches. This deodorizer can be simply be set in any area to attract, absorb, and eliminate ammonia odor 24/7. In addition, it can also be placed on return air vents, inside air ducts, and in air handling systems. If used in this manner, it is more effective and will continuously filter the ammonia gas from the air as it recirculates. This is a safe reusable deodorizer that will normally outlast the problem and work for years to save you money.

If you need to clean up an ammonia spill or remove ammonia smell from an object such as your floor or furniture, we recommend using AMMOSORB® Eco Ammonia Spill & Odor Absorbent Granules. This eco-friendly product is designed to be sprinkled on any area with an ammonia spill or odor problem, left for a few hours, and simply vacuumed. Since it makes direct contact, it will draw out the ammonia smell out from anything. The used product can then be conveniently recycled as a slow release fertilizer in your garden or a field.

If you own an aquarium, high levels of smelly ammonia can build up and become toxic to your fish. This can be easily prevented by regularly filtering the aquarium water with AMMOSORB® Natural Ammonia Removal Granules which can be placed in any filter housing. Alternatively, you can simply place AMMOSORB® Natural Ammonia Removal Deco Rocks in your fish tank. Not only will this add to the beauty, it will also serve a practical function in removing ammonia, the #1 killer of fish.

How to Reduce Exposure to Ammonia?

Keep household cleaners out of the reach of children. If a fertilizer or a cleaner is used, make sure to keep that area well ventilated so that there is no high level of exposure. Keep children out of areas in which cleaning products with ammonia are being used in. Avoid farm fields that have been exposed to a lot of ammonia.

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  • I have a 25 ltr drum of solvent based material and i am using this for pest-ting a PVC sheet in wooden floor board . The problem is when we open the drum and pore the material in pvc sheet the smell is very high and pinch my noise and eyes. I want a chemical that i mix on it and smell less down.

    • I would recommend getting our AmmoSorb granules to mix in with that material to absorb the chemical smell.

    • I had a bottle of ammonia in my car my grandson accidentally spilt it now my car smells like ammonia how do I get it out

      • I would recommend sprinkling AmmoSorb™ Natural Ammonia Removal Granules on your floors and seats to draw the ammonia and other odors out before they are released into the air. Allow it to work for at least a few hours or overnight. The longer the better. Then simply vacuum or sweep and repeat the treatment, if necessary, until the odors are removed.

        Secondly, use AmmoSorb™ Reusable Ammonia Removal Pouches to eliminate the ammonia odor from the air. For a breath of fresh air, simply place AmmoSorb™ pouches in your car.

    • Firstly, I would recommend using Smelleze® Universal Spill & Odor Absorbent Granules to absorb and clean-up any hazardous or non-hazardous oil, chemical, or water based spills that you may encounter. Just sprinkle on the spill to absorb and encapsulate it for disposal. This inert product provides maximum performance in an economical and safe manner.

      Secondly you may use Smelleze® Reusable Chemical Smell Deodorizer Pouches to eliminate airborne odors associated with the spill. For a breath of fresh air, simply place Smelleze® pouches in all rooms or spaces with the bad odor. If you have a HVAC system in the problem area, you may also place the Smelleze® pouches on your return air vents, and/or in air handling system to filter the odors out faster. Overall, use one pouch for every 150-300 square feet of area treated and smell the difference. You can use additional pouches for areas with severe odors.

  • Dear Sir,

    We are a biscuit manufacturing industry in Oman. We are getting lot of Ammonia Order in the mixing section where Ammonium Bi carbonate is used in the dough.

    We wish to eliminate this smell. We hope this can be done by your Ammosorb. Where to get it and take a trial.

    Pl revert on the same

  • my husband is baking cookies in the basement. the odor comes up in the house the smell is obnoxious. How can we get rid of the smell coming up the stairs .

    • I would recommend using Smelleze® Reusable Cooking Smell Deodorizer Pouches to eliminate unpleasant airborne food odor.

  • My dogs use a potty patch, but it omits an ammonia smell into the air. I need to take care of this. My dog is disabled and the potty patch is better than the carpet. Would this work? how do I buy it? Thank you.

  • while cleaning I applied wax or oil on our dining wood table,now the whole dining area has this gasoline smell,
    I diont know how to get rid of the smell.

    • I would recommend using Smelleze® Reusable Chemical Smell Deodorizer Pouches to eliminate the chemical odor from the air. For a breath of fresh air, simply place Smelleze® pouches in all rooms or spaces with the bad odor.

  • my new settee has come from abroad and has been sprayed with something to stop mould it makes me itch to get near it how can l eliminate this

    • I would suggest getting our Chemical Granules and sprinkling them over the settee to absorb any of the chemicals that is causing you to react.

  • I have a large planted atrium in my diningroom. I’ve been having a problem keeping a litter of kittens out of it and using it as a litter box. Can I use this product to get rid of the ammonia odor until I find a way to keep them out of there?

  • I Had a Cat with Bladder problem he went in corner of my frount door. It went down in the wall. now when sun shines on front door thats all you can smell. Do you think this will work so I don’t have to rip my whole door frame out and replace it????

    • Firstly, use Smelleze® Reusable Pet Smell Deodorizer Pouches to eliminate any nasty pet odor from the air. For a breath of fresh air, simply place Smelleze® pouches in pet areas and all rooms with the bad odor. If you have a HVAC forced air system, you may also place the Smelleze® pouches on your return air vents, and/or in front of the air return duct in your furnace (if there is room) to filter the odors out faster. Overall, use one pouch for every 150 square feet of area treated and smell the difference. You can use additional pouches for areas with severe odors.

      Secondly, I would recommend using Odoreze™ Floor Odor Removal Deodorize & Cleaner Concentrate to eliminate pet and urine smell from your door, wall and floor if it’s not carpeted e.g. it is laminate, hardwood or tile floor. Simply mix the product with water and mop the floor. Better still, just add it to your regular cleaning detergent and mop as usual to save a step. This way you will automatically deodorize your floor while cleaning it. You can also use Odoreze™to wipe down any other hard surfaces that has absorbed pet and other odors e.g. counter tops.

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