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Remove wastewater smell using the power of nature. Odoreze™ Waste Water Odor Eliminator Spray will eliminate wastewater odor without harmful chemicals. This bio-based green concentrate deodorizer makes 125 gallons & really works! Sewer smell doesn't stand a chance!

Waste Management and Odor Elimination

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Society is becoming increasingly concerned with environmentally friendly living. It has become unacceptable to just throw everything away. Today’s modern home is often equipped with recycling bins for green waste which can be turned into great compost for the garden. Similarly, many industrial or food production companies are being forced to think about their waste management and how they can reduce their carbon footprint and the waste they take to landfill.

The Smell of Success

Waste management has its advantages. As well as saving the environment, businesses can save money on waste removal. Green and biodegradable waste can be left in the land to decompose and be converted into rich, healthy soil that can be sold on as fertilizer. With more and more industrial scale businesses choosing to compost, large amounts of decomposing waste can build up in certain areas. The decomposition process involves bacteria breaking down the green waste. This bacteria gives off a foul smelling gas which can produce pockets of nasty odor in the vicinity. If the industrial facility is close to residential or communal areas, it can be unpleasant and unwelcomed by the people who live there. As a result, many facilities choose to invest in compost smell elimination products which help to mask and remove unwanted smells due to the waste management.

Tailored Compost Odor Elimination Products

Depending on the type of waste you are composting, you may require different compost odor elimination solutions. As a result, waste management sites and other companies composting should look for purpose-designed odor elimination products that are specifically tailored to their individual needs. This will ensure they eliminate smells to the required standard, keeping residents in the locality happy.

Keeping Compost Odor Costs Down

Certain aspects of waste management can be expensive when companies are trying to adhere to a number of rules and regulations. Odor elimination doesn’t need to be expensive. There are odor elimination companies that specialize in optimized services, offering a wide range of smell elimination solutions to suit their need and budget.

Waste Water and Odor Concentration

Waste water being returned to local rivers is legally required to be at a certain level of cleanliness prior to its release. Even once it has been cleaned, stench can remain as bacteria levels increase with harmless waste still present in the water. Rivers run far and wide, so any odors present can be carried for greater distances, ending up in residential areas. Even if the smelly waste water is harmless, the stink can be unpleasant for local residents and even wildlife that are sensitive to chemical changes. As a result, waste water management needs to be carefully understood and controlled. Stench need to be eliminated to ensure the surrounding environments the rivers pass through remain usable for locals.xzxx

Businesses in the Area

Waste management doesn’t just affect wildlife and local residents, it can affect local businesses too. If your waste management facility is producing smells, however pleasant or unpleasant, they could be tainting local food producers or affecting local cafes, restaurants and businesses where people frequent. Odor elimination products can ensure that businesses in your vicinity can run happily alongside you regardless of the scale of your waste management.

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  • I received a lot very old albums (records). They have a very bad musty smell. How can I get rid of it without damaging them?

    • I would recomend using our Smelleze™ Reusable Musty Smell Deodorizer Pouch in a container or bag with the albums.

  • My company is involved in construction of underground sewage treatment plants. Odor is a big problem and we want to eliminate it. If you can supply technology or chemicals to address thee problems, we would be much obliged. Please send us quotations. Standard volume of free spaces above the STP is around 100 to 400 cu, m.
    We look forward to your assistance

  • I live in Jamaica in the Caribbean and through on the internet I chance on your company and supplies. Do you have a supplier here in Jamaica?

  • My company involved in big MSW Landfills. Smell & odour is a big concern and we are looking for good system or chemical to eliminate it.please let me know if you can supply any good system/Technology or chemical to control the landfill smell &odours.

    • I would suggest using our Odoreze™ Eco-Friendly Landfill Odor Control Spray Concentrate on the landfills.

  • I have a medical marijuana license in Oregon and grow my own outdoor medicinal marijuana. My neighbors have complained about the strong odor. What could I use of your products to combat this? Any suggestions that aren’t too expensive?
    Susan Phillips

    • If the plant is outside with nothing covering it i would recommend sprinkling our Smelleze™ Natural Yard Smell Removal Deodorizer Granules on and around the plant to absorb the odor.

  • For days I had this horrible stench in my car. I looked everywhere inside and out and couldn’t find the culprit. I even took my car to my local auto dealer where I bought the car, but they wanted a flat fee of $56 to do a “diagnostic check”. I finally took my car to my local carwash where the manager knows me and explained my situation. He had his crew start looking under the hood and inside the car to my shock…and their’s as well, found a small dead mouse “under” the back seat floor mat. Of course it was removed and he only charged me $10. Nevertheless, I can’t seem to get that horrible smell out of my head and feel like my car still stinks. My son say’s it doesn’t but I can’t help the feeling.
    Please help me and suggest which of your products would work best so I can rest assured that the smell is gone once and for all.

    • I would recommend using Smelleze® Reusable Dead Animal Smell Deodorizer Pouches to eliminate the odor invading your cabin. For a breath of fresh air, simply place Smelleze® pouches in your car and smell the difference! You can set the pouches in the front, back, and trunk areas on the seat or floor. You can use 1-3 pouches depending on the severity of the odor. This is an effective treatment for smells that are being constantly released over time due to decomposition since the Smelleze® pouches work continuously 24/7 to eliminate odors which otherwise would build up and continue to get worse over time.

    • I would recommend using Smelleze® Reusable Dead Animal & Pest Smell Removal Pouches to eliminate the odor from both the roaches and waste. It’s common for both problems to occur at the same time so this dual acting product will be very helpful. It will absorb and eliminate urine, fecal, and decomposition odors from all pests. For a breath of fresh air, simply place Smelleze® pouches in all cabinets, rooms, and spaces with the bad odor.

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