Questions About Using Sanibulb® Air Sanitizer & Air Purifier CFLs

I was interested in purchasing the Sanibulb® CFL bulbs to replace the light bulbs in most rooms in my home to help cut down on dust and other allergens, but I read somewhere that these type of bulbs must be used in an upright position to be effective. Is that the case? That seems to somewhat limit the types of lamps that the bulbs could be effectively used in.

For instance, I had planned to place 4 of the Sanibulb® Air Sanitizer CFLs in my family room which has an overhead ceiling fan with 4 lights. The glass shades are open ended and point downward into the room. Will this sort of arrangement not work with the Sanibulb CFL? Will the bulbs not work properly if I have them pointing in a downward position as with the ceiling fan light fixture?

Also, because these bulbs would be in a ceiling fan light fixture I was wondering if it would help to disperse the negative ions throughout the room by having the ceiling fan running at the same time the lights are on? Will the negative ions travel to adjacent rooms if there is adequate air circulation (such as provided by a ceiling fan being on.)

If the Sanibulb’s are required to be in an upright position to function properly then that seems to limit the type of lamps they can effectively be used in to certain types of floor lamps that have a bulb pointing up. I have a few of those type of lamps with the large open “bowl” shaped glass shade pointing up , but I also have some floor lamps that have the bulbs pointing downward. Can the Sanibulbs® be used effectively in a floor lamp like that, with the bulb orientation pointing downwards?

I would also like to place the Sanibulbs® in my dining room chandelier. So again, in this case the Sanibulbs® would be pointing downward, in open-ended lamp shades. Is that ok?

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

You can use SANIBULB’S in upright position OR pointing down and either should work fine. We have customers doing both with great results. Also, moving air around will help the SANIBULB’s actually work better

You can use them with ceiling fans or chandeliers. Only limitation is the bulb base size. If they can take a regular bulb, it should be fine. If they require the smaller base, unfortunately it won’t fit.

You can consider using PURAYRE® Ionic Air Purifiers and SMELLEZE® Smell Removers to supplement SANIBULB if the bulb size is a problem. The PURAYRE® fits neatly into any socket, great for allergens, and works 24/7 when turned on.

Thanks, that’s great to know that they work in either upright lamps or pointing down (ceiling fan light fixture). Also thanks for the link to the PurAyre® Ionic plug-in purifier.

A couple of follow-up questions if you’ll permit me:

If ONE Sanibulb® will treat up to 100 sq. ft. (10′ x 10′) room, if I have a larger room like 15′ x 12′ or 22′ x 18′ can I just add more bulbs to the room, so if for instance I have FOUR Sanibulbs® in a ceiling fan light fixture in a larger room, that should be 4 times the treatment power as the 1 bulb, so should treat up to a 400 sq. ft. space, right? Especially if I have the ceiling fan on so that the air is circulating in the room, the ceiling fan should help to disperse the negative ions all around the room, yes?

Or if treating a larger area is it better to have FOUR bulbs placed in 4 different lamps positioned in different parts of the room, plus the ceiling fan or an oscillating table fan to circulate the air?

Yes, just use approximately 1 SANIBULB® / 100 sq. ft. area. I think either method you mentioned would work.

But if you have the option of placing a couple in ceiling fan and a couple on table lamps in a large room, you will get better results since they are spread out and allergens/odors don’t have to travel as much to reach all the SANIBULB’ s in the same area to be destroyed. Think of getting more ‘local’ action by spreading the SANIBULB’s out in a larger room