How Do I Get Burnt Chicken Smell Out?

I need to get the burned chicken odor out of my house. The pots were scorched with chicken breast in the bottom of the pot and the burning smell is just terrible. Next time I’m going to pay more attention to my cooking!!

Kathy, GA

Firstly, I would suggest using SMELLEZE® Reusable Smoke Odor Deodorizer Pouches to remove the burnt odor in your kitchen and house. It will absorb and eliminate it without any scents. It really works!

Secondly, use ODOREZE® All Purpose Odor Eliminator to remove the burned odor in your pots. You can just soak it in this deodorizer and wash by hand or in your dishwasher.

Get My Burnt Smell Out of my Microwave!

I charred popcorn in the microwave, and after cleaning it, I still smell burnt popcorn. I really, really need to get the burning smell out. What can I do?


You can use SMELLEZE® Reusable Microwave Deodorizer Pouch to get that awful burning smell out now. Simply place in your microwave when not in use and it will absorb and eliminate the burnt smell. Please visit our website to get more info and to order.

Industrial Powder with a Bad Burned Stench


My company has need for a low cost stable odor absorbing material. We have finely powdered calcium carbonate made from biological materials that have been scorched at 600C in air. The material is grey and has a “burnt” odor. Does your company sell any material that can be mixed with the powder to reduce the level of burning stink. This powder will be used in the manufacture of consumer products but not used for human consumption.

I would recommend using SMELLEZE® Burnt Odor Elimination Deodorizer Powder. This has been used to remove burnt odor in formulated industrial products. Please go to our site for information and to order. I would suggest doing some trials at your facility to determine the effectiveness for your application and the optimal amount to use.