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Vaporsorb™ Reusable Vapor Removal Pouch removes toxic vapors & fumes without harmful chemicals. Vapor & gas doesn't stand a chance. Vaporsrob™ is reusable & lasts a year. Safe for people, pets & planet. This eco-friendly vapor filter really works for fume extraction and smell removal!

Chemical Storage Cabinet Vapors Q & A’s

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Need to Control Vapour in Chemical Storage Cabinet

We have a problem with solvent vapour in one of our storage cabinet. Which product do you recommend to solve this problem? Do you also sell your product in Brazil?

Best Regards,

Dr. Grzegorz, Brazil

The challenge of controlling harmful vapour building up in chemical storage cabinets is a common problem here in the USA at chemical companies with labs. We have a product called VAPORSORB® Reusable Vapor Absorbent Pouch that is routinely used to absorb and eradicate fumes and odors from chemical storage cabinets. This is an easy to use and convenient product. It can simply be placed inside cabinets and it will start working immediately. It does not require any power and can be used over and over again for years.

It is also noteworthy that VAPORSORB® will reduce the fire hazard associated with vapor buildup, explosive nature of gases adsorbed, and aggressiveness of hazardous vapors captured to make the work environment much more safer for workers. Please visit our website for more info and to order. We ship to Brazil daily.

Control Vapor In Chemical Storage Cabinets


Dear Sir/Ms,
I am enquiring with your company in regards to your Vaporsorb® product and any other product that can be used for absorbing vapors within chemical storage cabinets.

We are one of the major manufacturers and distributors of dangerous goods cabinets in Australia and surrounding regions. We are not aware of any such product available in Australia and are therefore very interested in these types of products that we could on sell to our markets as a consumable add on product.

I have down loaded some of your product information data sheets but if you have any other information that may be helpful to us it would be most appreciated.

Whilst this is only an initial contact and appreciate it is close to the Christmas holiday period. Are you able to provide any pricing at this stage? We are closing for the Christmas period from Thurs 20 Dec to 7 Jan.

If we were to order this type of product we would have to have this approved by our Australian Customs & Quarantine Departments. Have you any experience in exporting your products and if so could you provide suitable MSDS and technical information that may be helpful.

I look forward to your further advice and information.



Thanks for your interest in our vapor absorbing products. We have two products that remove toxic fumes that might be of interest to you:

VAPORSORB® Reusable Vapor Absorbent Pouches

This is a convenient ready to use pouch that can be placed in a chemical storage chemical to absorb the fumes and odours 24/7. It’s also portable and does not require any power. It has a very high surface area so it can absorb and adsorb vast quantities of vapors. This product is routinely used in chemical storage areas here in the USA to protect employees from exposure and facilities from fire hazards.

VAPORSORB® Eco Vapor Absorbent Granules

This product is primarily used for spill clean-up although it also helps to remove fumes and odours. It can absorb various types of hazardous chemical and solvent spills. It acts as a fire retardant if applied to flammable liquids and reduces the aggressiveness of hazardous vapors captured. This product has been used in jet fuel and diesel cleanup as well as with various other solvents.

We have sold our products in Australia for many years and have not experienced any issues with the customs since this is non-hazardous inert product. Attached is The MSDS for your information.

I would suggest placing a sample order to try the products in your market. We look forward to working with you. Merry Xmas!

Chemical Storage Cabinet Vapour Removal

We are looking for an absorbent for our chemical storage fridges in order to minimise chemical vapours. After viewing your webpage I believe the VaporSorb® Vapor Absorbent Pouch could be what we are looking for. I could, however, not find any dimensions in order to determine whether it would fit in a fridge or not. If possible, could you please send (by email) information on the sizes which are available for the VaporSorb® Vapor Absorbent Pouch. And, would this product be suitable for use in a fridge in terms of performance.

Also, do you ship to or have a representative in Australia?

This chemical vapor remover is routinely used in fridges and chemical storage cabinets so you should be fine. It works both at room temperature as well as cold environments like fridges and freezers. VaporSorb® is about 4 inches x 6 inches and weighs 1.75 pounds. So you should not have any problem fitting and using it in a fridge. If you need a smaller size, we could customize it for you

Please go to for more info and to order. We ship daily to Australia and don’t charge any sales tax or customs so it’s quick and inexpensive

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