RV camping continues to skyrocket in popularity with as many as 10 million American families owning an RV according to the RV Industry Association. With studies indicating that traveling not only relieves stress but enhances creativity as well, it is no wonder that an increasing number of Americans are taking to the road in search of adventure. As exhilarating as an RV trip may be, enthusiastic campers often have to deal with an array of odors along the way that can range from somewhat odd to downright disgusting. Luckily there are a number of ways to not only minimize these odors but eliminating them altogether as well. The only trick is that you have to identify the cause of the odor after which you can easily address it basic cleaning

The family pets can cause a stink

One of the greatest appeals of traveling in a camper or motorhome is the fact that you can take your beloved pet along with you. While your beloved pooch will undoubtedly enjoy a cross-country trip, chances are that they might leave your RV smelling less-than-fresh on occasion. Training your dog to not soil your carpets is obviously ideal but accidents do happen and then you need to get rid of the odor as effectively as possible. Severely pet-stained carpets should be removed and replaced, either with new carpets or with laminate flooring. To get rid of lingering smell, use a Smelleze® Reusable Pet Odor Eliminator Pouch that can simply be placed in the sun to regenerate after use.

Dead rodent odors are no laughing matter

The smell of a dead rodent is without a doubt one of the worst you will have to deal with. When eliminating the smell you will first have to locate the culprit and then remove it. Start by scrubbing the area well with an antiseptic cleaner to remove any germs and bacteria. After the area has been cleaned and dried, attempt to rodent-proof your RV by filling all gaps and holes that can act as access points.An eco-friendly rodent repellent is also a good investment if you want to keep any unwanted visitors at bay. As there is a chance that the bad odor might persist even after cleaning or that you cannot locate the dead rodent, make use of a Smelleze® Reusable Dead Animal Smell Deodorizer Pouch to eliminate the offending odor with ease, leaving you RV smelling fresh and welcoming.

An RV can smell musty from non-use

After being out of use for the entire winter, chances are your RV will smell rather stale when summer comes around again. While it usually helps to open all the windows and doors to let fresh air in, you may also want to consider having solar-powered vents installed that can assist in removing hot, stale air from your camper. A thorough spring-clean after winter should get rid of most odors although some are definitely more persistent than others. For a long-term solution, use a Smelleze® Reusable RV Smell Deodorizer Pouch to prevent your RV from ever smelling musty again.

As exciting as an RV trip may be, you would not want to undertake one with unpleasant odors lingering in the air. Luckily most odors are easy to dispel with a few easy cleaning hacks and a couple of quality odor-eliminating products.