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Remove feces odor, manure odor & farm pollution without harmful chemicals using Smelleze®® Eco Animal Waste Odor Removal Granules. Chicken odor, kennel odor, pig odor, cattle odor & other farm odor doesn't stand a chance. Safe for people, pets & planet. Provides eco-friendly farm odor control that really works!

Feces Odor Q & A’s

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Cattle Stall Fecal Odor Eliminator

How does SMELLEZE® Animal Waste Deodorizer work and how will it affect the ground minerals when put back on the ground as fertilizer? My applications are in cattle stalls back.

If you use it in cattle stalls, this fecal odor remover will absorb and retain the ammonia from the urine and feces which cause most of the cattle stall odor. When you apply the used SMELLEZE® to your fields, the ammonia will be slowly released back which will be beneficial for you.

How do I Control Yard Feces & Urine Odor?

I’m wondering if you could help us…we have 3 Golden Retrievers who have been trained to eliminate in an area behind our garage. There is pea gravel on the ground with a plastic lining with punched holes under the gravel. We have noticed that a strong urine order is beginning to build up. I’ve read about your Smelleze® Horse Stall Deodorizer Granules but see that it needs to be removed with the soiled bedding. Would this product work for our situation? Our problem is that there is no way that we could remove the soiled granules. Do you have another product that would work for our situation? What drew me to your products is they are non-toxic and environmentally friendly….

Thank you for your attention…


I would recommend using SMELLEZE® Animal Waste Deodorizer Granules. All you have to do is simply sprinkle lightly in the ‘elimination area’ and leave. No need to clean up afterwards. This product is designed to work outside and will blend in with the soil eventually. SMELLEZE® will eliminate the dog urine and fecal odors very nicely even in very hot months when the odor is at the highest level. Repeat treatment when you start smelling the waste again or you can just be proactive and sprinkle weekly or biweekly to prevent the odor building up. This same product is also used on huge animal farms routinely to control odor.

Recommend Product to Rid Hedgehog Feces Odor

I volunteer at a large wildlife hospital. The main issue we need to tackle is hedgehog fecal odor which is pretty bad. Also, we have other animal smells that we would like to address. Can you tell me the right products for this and where I can get them in the UK?

Victoria, UK

A popular product used by institutes dealing with animals to remove feces odor is SMELLEZE® Eco Feces Smell Eliminator Deodorizer Granules which can be used both indoors and outdoors. It will work to eliminate odor from hedgehog and any other animal feces. Simply scatter the granules on floor or yard to destroy the fecal odor. If it’s used inside, you can simply sweep it up when convenient. When used outdoors, there is no need to do anything else besides sprinkling more when the smell increases. This product will also help with urine odors and keep the area drier.

Furthermore, you can also place SMELLEZE® Reusable Pet Smell Deodorizer Pouches inside to eliminate feces odors from the air. Simply place in indoor areas that stink. This is a reusable product that will last many years. SMELLEZE® is safe, natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly so it won’t harm animals or humans even when they come in direct contact with it.

Please visit more info and to order. We don’t have distributors in the UK but ship to all international locations daily and don’t charge tax or customs fees so it’s quick and inexpensive.

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