One of the most frustrating things about dealing with unpleasant and unwanted odors in your home is that they can’t be seen. And sure, there are some issues like pests, carpet stains, or even leaky faucets, which don’t seem too problematic since they are visible to the eye. However, living with mysterious odors and smells from potentially life-threatening toxic chemicals can be much more intimidating when you can’t see where they are coming from.

A common solution is to use store-bought air fresheners that only temporarily mask the smell, like a Band-Aid effect. Yet the productivity of an air freshener (not to mention, what is even in it?) is just as much of a mystery as the odor itself! Why use chemical-based products to cover up something that may be a chemical-based smell—especially when it will only come back? A better solution is to use eco-friendly products instead. According to the Environmental Defense Fund, dangerous toxins like phthalates are found in those same air fresheners and are known to cause fertility problems in women. Formaldehyde, another harmful chemical commonly found in and around the home, has been linked to cause respiratory diseases like asthma.

It’s certainly a scary thought to consider the fact that so many of our home products have not been thoroughly tested or proven to be safe for human consumption. However, there are other options you can use to eliminate odors, no matter what the cause, that won’t put you in harm’s way.

The Smelleze® Reusable Home Smell Eliminator Pouch by NoOdor.com is not only effective in removing embarrassing or toxic odors but is reusable and eco-friendly as well. Simply place the pouch in the area where the smell comes from and the pouch will absorb the odor overtime without releasing any dangerous airborne chemicals to combat it. The best part? They last for years. At Modernize, we are big fans of harnessing the power of the sun, so we love that you can place them in the sun or in the microwave for a quick recharge, and you’ll continue to save money, mind the environment, and eliminate those pesky smells. No Odor makes specific pouches for different smells, so be sure to pick the right pouch.


If you have ever had the unfortunate experience of walking into your teenager’s bedroom only to find that it smells like the inside of their gym bag, you’ll want to use the Odoreze® Natural All Purpose Odor Control Spray. Don’t have stinky teenagers? Then perhaps you’ve had to deal with malodorous pet accidents, a newly rented apartment desperately in need of some TLC, or even just a smelly bathroom—at some point, we’ve all had to deal with these accosting smells. Unfortunately, most cleaning products or sprays are as toxic as air fresheners and are not suitable for the home. The Odoreze® Natural All Purpose Odor Control Spray is made of 100% plant-based biodegradable ingredients and comes as a concentrate so that you can get many uses just by adding water, thereby eliminating those nasty odors and keeping your home safe.