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How to Control Odors in Your Backyard

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Are you experiencing nasty odors in your backyard? Looking to rid yourself of the smells you experience whenever you open your window or back door? Wondering how to control odors in your backyard?

There is a lot you can do to keep the smells under control. It doesn’t even have to be overly difficult to keep smells to a minimum and make your yard more pleasant to spend time in.

Some of these tips you may have never heard before, as we guide you through some of the best ways to control and avoid odors in the garden.

Control Your Trash

You’ll probably use your yard for your trash. Once your garbage is full indoors, you’ll take it out ready to be collected. It’s easy to think that once it’s out of the house it isn’t a problem anymore.

The trash in the backyard can cause smells on its own, and can also be very tempting for pests to come and explore, and pests make their own waste!

Any food containers going in the trash can be washed out before you throw them out. Also, you should look to keep your trash away from areas of your backyard where you spend a lot of time.

You should also regularly clean any trash cans or areas where you keep trash outdoors. These can hold bad odors for a long time and keep collecting bad smells.

Composting? Do So With Care

If you create a compost bin, don’t just throw anything in there with no regard for smells. There are certain techniques to make composting more effective and less smelly.

For instance, your compost bin should have a cover so that it isn’t always leaking aromas. You should ideally keep it in the shade, and the compost should be kept moist by spraying with a watering hose or collected rainwater. This helps it to decompose quickly.

You can also add fertilizing compost starters to make the process of composting go more quickly.

If you still need to tackle odors, there are odor neutralizing granules you can add. Read about some of these in this article, which also gives some top composting tips.

Keep Your Yard Clean

Bad odors go hand-in-hand with bad cleaning! Think about how you can keep your backyard clean and get rid of anything that could be causing a smell. It may be residue left on furniture or grass by grilling and barbequing, to animal waste from local cats or dogs. Undesirable smells can linger for a long time!

Cleaning up doesn’t have to be a difficult task, and you can certainly make it more fun. More hands make light work, so why not get the kids to help you?

Treat Pet Odors

Most people love having pets around and find it enriching to have some animal companionship around the house, but unfortunately, they can cause unwelcome smells. Even if you don’t have pets yourself, some animals, such as cats, may enter your backyard uninvited and leave their smells behind.

You can treat these smells whether they are lingering on grass or on concrete. You can use Smelleze® Natural Yard Smell Removal Deodorizer Granules which sprinkle on the grass, or Odoreze® Natural Yard & Concrete Odor Removal Spray Concentrate, which you can combine with water and spray on grass or concrete.

Urine smells can be particularly persistent, and it is hard to shift these sorts of aromas. If you use the products listed above, you can get rid of the ammonia smell which can stick around on the grass or elsewhere in your yard for months.

Check the Soil Smell

A mystery bad smell in the backyard can come from the soil. Soil can smell bad if it doesn’t drain properly or gets soggy. If your soil is waterlogged then you may need to get a professional in to help with the drainage.

Remember that grass needs enough sunlight to grow, over 6 hours a day. This means that your waterlogged backyard can be helped by pruning back trees and plants to allow sunlight to reach the ground.

As explained in this article, poorly drained, waterlogged soil will likely have a sour smell to it, which will help you to identify if this is a problem.


Though odors in your backyard can be frustrating, the solutions aren’t usually too difficult.

Have you enjoyed our guide to controlling these odors? Feel free to share this post if you think others will find it useful. Alternatively, leave us a comment below with your own odor control tips.

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