Whether your backyard is a tiny piece of outdoor space or a glorious, expansive flower-filled garden, it should be a pleasant place for you to enjoy and that means dealing with any bad yard odors which stink up what should be clean, fresh air.

Tactic 1 – Stop yard odors before they start

A lot of bad yard odors happen as a result of lack of appropriate care and maintenance, although it may not initially seem that way. For example, if you have local wildlife treating your garden as a toilet, then you may be (inadvertently) encouraging them either by not having robust enough fences, or by disposing of your food waste in a way which makes it easy (and therefore tempting) for animals to access. Every time you identify an unpleasant pong in your yard, take some time to think about what is causing it and if you could stop it from happening again.

Number 1 tip for yard-odor busting – clean your trash can regularly

Cleaning your trash can doesn’t actually have to be unpleasant if you do it regularly and it can be a whole lot less hassle than dealing with the results of an unclean trash can. First of all the trash can itself is probably going to smell, even to humans and secondly, if there’s food in it, animals will most certainly smell it, even if humans don’t and if they’re coming into your garden to eat, then they may well decide to stop for a comfort break while they’re there. For the record, these days, for “trash can” read “recycling bins” too.

Basically, if it’s had food in it, it needs to be managed carefully. First of all, give any food containers at least a basic clean before you put them out. Secondly, make sure that any cans or bins which hold food containers have lids on them (preferably airtight ones) and/or that the containers are in bags and thirdly, clean your trash can and/or recycling bin regularly. There are some homemade remedies you can use for this, but we’d suggest Smelleze® Natural Garbage Smell Deodorizer Granules as being far more effective but still safe and gentle on the environment.

Tactic 2 – Fight back with natural yard odor eliminators

Depending on where you live, you may have very little control over the odors which infiltrate your yard. For example, if you live in an urban area, perhaps near to food outlets and with a lot of traffic passing, then realistically there’s probably going to be little you can do to stop the yard odors at the source and similarly there’s unlikely to be a lot you can do to treat individual odors, at least not if they’re basically drifting into your garden on the air. Your best approach is to use Smelleze® Natural Yard Smell Removal Deodorizer Granules as a “catch all” way to deal with bad smells without harming your own plants, trees, and lawn (or pets or children). Just sprinkle in your yard and smell the difference!

Tactic 3 – Deal with specific yard smells in the appropriate way

Skunked spray smell

We have one simple piece of advice for skunk spray, which is just reach for Smelleze® Natural Skunk Smell Removal Deodorizer. The only other treatments for skunk spray which stand a chance of being effective are based on either hydrogen peroxide or standard household bleach, both of which are very strong chemicals which can not only stain garden fixtures but, more importantly, can cause serious harm to children and pets, particularly cats as they can absorb chemicals through their paws long after they’ve been rinsed off.

Animal urine (or child urine) & poop smell

It’s really important to deal with animal urine both quickly and effectively since many animals, particularly dogs and cats, will urinate in the same places over and over again if the smell lingers. There are various home remedies you can use for this, but there are two problems with them. First of all, you need to use different remedies for different surfaces (e.g. hard surfaces versus grass or soil) and secondly you need to remember which remedy to use where. For convenience and performance, we prefer Odoreze® Natural Outdoor & Concrete Odor Control Spray, which does an effective job on any outdoor yard surface including flower beds, around trees, shrubs, lawn, gravel, decks, artificial grass and concrete driveways.

Food smells

If you’ve been enjoying a barbecue or outdoor meal, we suggest you give your yard an extra helping of Smelleze® Natural Yard Smell Removal Deodorizer Granules and also that you pay particular attention to the previous comments about looking out for your trash can. Even if the food itself has long gone, you should never underestimate how long smells can linger and you should always remember that many animals have a much better sense of smell than the average human, which means that they can detect odors long after humans do. Be good to yourself and your garden and save the local wildlife a pointless trip by making sure to deodorize after your outdoor cooking sessions.