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The Smelleze®® Reusable Dead Animal Odor Eliminator Pouch removes dead animal smell without masking it with harmful fragrances or using chemicals. Dead rat, mouse & rodent odor doesn't stand a chance. Smelleze® is reusable & lasts for 3+ years. Safe for people, pets & planet. This natural envirosmart dead animal smell remover really works even if you haven’t found the carcass.

How to Eliminate Dead Animal Smells from Attics

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Animals can be a year-round problem when they gain access to your attic. Since the space is often one that is rarely accessed, rodents and other, larger, animals may find or create ways into your attic in order to live, nest, and die. When animals die in your attic, their remains will decompose at varying rates, depending on the conditions. To get rid of dead animal smells in your attic, you need to remove both surface and air borne odors. Smelleze® Reusable Dead Animal Smell Eliminator Pouches and Smelleze® Natural Dead Animal Odor Removal Granules provide long lasting air borne and surface odor eradication at the molecular level.

Your Attic & Dead Animal Smells

Every year some of the animals that live around you will decide it’s time to check out your home for suitable nesting and living quarters. From squirrels to chipmunks to raccoons, rats, and mice, critters will squeeze, gnaw, and claw their way inside your house. Many of these ‘invasions’ will occur in your attic, and once in place, the life cycle of these animals can affect your entire household.

Sneaky Sounds & Stinky Smells from Above

When animals take up residence in your attic, you may hear their scuffling and scurrying, especially at night. There are times though when you aren’t aware of your critter roommates until you notice foul smells coming from your attic.

No matter what type of animal has taken up residence, they will be living, eating, excreting, and dying in your attic. The longer they live there, the stronger the odors will become. If you have more than one type of animal involved, the stink problem is further compounded.

Even though your attic is essentially sealed, wherever the rodents, bats, raccoons, or birds got in, insects will follow. Woods bees, wasps, and hornets are opportunistic creatures that will follow animals into spaces that appear secure.  If animals die in your attic, the decaying carcass will immediately draw blow flies that consume and lay eggs in the rotting flesh that become maggots.

Before your attic becomes the wild kingdom and the attendant dead animal and waste smells drive you and your family from your house, take action against such problems with an all-natural dead animal odor removal products:  Smelleze® Reusable Dead Animal Smell Eliminator Pouches and Smelleze® Natural Dead Animal Odor Removal Granules.

Smelleze® to the Rescue!

Smelleze® Pouches and Granules were developed knowing that dead animal smell situations in attics most often do not allow removal of the carcass. This means that the dead animal smell must be treated for the duration of decomposition. That time of decay can last for weeks or even months, depending upon the number of, size, and type of the dead animal(s).

The all-natural ingredients in Smelleze® Reusable Dead Animal Smell Eliminator Pouches utilize natural properties to bond with odors at the molecular level, immediately eradicating dead animal smells in your attic before they reach your nose!  Simple to use, pouches can be hung or placed near the area where the dead animal smell is strongest in your attic. Each pouch can be reactivated in direct sunlight, which provides you with long-lasting, highly effective dead animal smell elimination.

Smelleze® Natural Dead Animal Odor Removal Granules also contain all-natural ingredients that work to eliminate dead animal smells on contact. Decomposition produces putrid fluids that continually emit odor. These fluids, along with any pest animal waste in your attic, can be neutralized by simply sprinkling granules onto contaminated surfaces from the handy Smelleze® shaker container. The granules all-natural ingredients are completely safe to use on any surface, as they contain no toxins, harsh chemicals or additives.

Avoid Associated Risks

The smell of a dead animal in your attic is a signal that your home is not secure against such entry. While it’s difficult to block every hole, considering the common house mouse only needs an opening one-quarter inch wide, it is wise to check your attic for new accesses. These may have been created by squirrels, rats or mice.

All wildlife are hosts of various parasites, such as fleas, mites, and lice. Their habitat and waste attract other insects. Their carcasses create environments for bacteria and fungus growth. Some of these risk factors are restricted to surface areas, but others can be air-borne. With parasites and insects, when the host dies or the favorable environment is gone, they will seek out a new host or place to live and grow.

By securing your attic, you can protect your house from potential damage and your family from unwanted exposure to health risks.

Trust Smelleze® to Clear the Air in Your Attic

Smelleze® Reusable Dead Animal Smell Eliminator Pouches and Smelleze® Natural Dead Animal Odor Removal Granules, developed with pride by, provide long-lasting odor eradication through all-natural ingredients that are safe for people, pets, and the planet.

Clear the dead animal smell from your attic with Smelleze® Pouches and Granules – and breathe deep!

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