The smell of a classroom can be oh so frightening. Is it the carpet?? Is it the old building? Is it a combination of the students and everything they bring into your classroom? Who knows! But, a lingering smell shouldn’t stop the students from learning or you from teaching!

How to Stop the Classroom Smell?

Pin-pointing the stench in a classroom can be tricky. Sometimes we can do it and sometimes we can’t. But the good news is that when using Smelleze® Reusable School Smell Deodorizer Pouches, you don’t have to know exactly where the scent is coming from or what it is coming from. Simply place 2-4 Smelleze® pouches around your classroom to absorb and eliminate the bad stinky odor. Have a rug or carpet? Sprinkle our Smelleze® Natural Carpet Smell Deodorizer Powder on the rug/carpet and leave overnight if you can. Vacuum up the next day and enjoy your non-smelly classroom!

How Many Pouches do I Need?

For a standard sized classroom you will need 2-4 Smelleze® Pouches to really tackle those tough school smells. You can place them around your classroom, on higher shelves if you’re with the little kiddos to avoid any distractions, or even in air ducts.

Can I Reuse the Smelleze® Pouches?

Absolutely! Let’s be honest here… if you are a teacher, some sneaky smells are going to somehow make their way back into your classroom. After about a week of using the pouches, simply put them in direct sunlight for 1 day or microwave them for 1.5-3 minutes to rejuvenate them over and over again.

Is Smelleze® Safe for my Students?

 Yes. Smelleze® products do not emit any harmful chemicals and works by eliminating smells rather treating them with additional chemicals which might cause your students or you a problem. Our products are all natural, chemical and toxin free and eco-smart (you can even slip in a lesson about the benefits of environmentally friendly chemically-free solutions!).  


I’m an educator that is passionate about writing about environmental, health and wellness topics to raise awareness and enable a healthier lifestyle.