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Smelleze®® Natural Chicken Coop Smell Deodorizing Granules are a safe, thorough, and effective way to eliminate and control the stinky odors from chicken droppings and urine. The challenge of finding a powerful, and natural, odor control solution that is non-toxic to your flock is easily overcome with Smelleze®®.

Is Your Backyard Full of Chickens & Odor?

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100 years ago, having a yard full of chickens was simply a part of life. If you wanted eggs, you had chickens. 50 years ago, having a yard full of chickens might be encountered in a smaller town, but more likely on a farm. 20 years ago, chickens were rediscovered, and coops started popping up — and pooping up — suburban neighborhoods. is all for folks knowing their food sources and enjoying the benefits of ‘home grown’ vittles. Nothing tastes better than fresh food straight from the garden and few foods can challenge the encapsulated protein of eggs freshly gathered from your own chickens.

Since we’ve spent a lot of years learning how to control stinky stuff with all-natural ingredients, we know a lot about who and what creates that stinky stuff. And chickens are right up there on our list.

Chickens & the Stink They Create

Chickens eat. Chickens poop. Chickens eat again — poop again — it’s an endless cycle. At certain points, they lay eggs. If the eggs disappear from the spot it was laid, the chicken simply lays another egg. Chickens do not reason. Chickens do not operate under complex guidance systems.

When chickens were re-discovered by gentlemen and women residential farmers, the semi-practical, often romanticized, option of ‘growing our own’ didn’t include chicken waste and the accompanying smell.

Many arduous tasks were created in an attempt to control the odor created by the feathered excrement and urine factory now in thousands of backyards. Home remedies cover a vast range of single or combined ingredients, but most proved ineffective or were potentially dangerous to the chickens.

An Easy-to-Use Chicken Odor Solution That Works!

Fortunately, a simple to use, highly effective solution exists for eliminating that cloud of waste-induced ammonia smell. A solution that eliminates the problem that’s taken your backyard from a bar-b-que get-together haven, where the neighbors sniff the air and salivate, to a barnyard animal stink that has your neighbors wrinkling their noses.

That solution is NoOdor’s Smelleze® Chicken Coop Smell Deodorizing Granules an all-natural and highly effective odor elimination product that is also completely safe to use around your flock.

Smelleze® Chicken Coop Smell Deodorizing Granules require no special instructions, soil preparation, or wait time for the safe return of your chickens to the area it’s used. The granules are small, compressed pellets that are easily applied by broadcasting, using a hand-held seed/fertilizer spreader, or by sprinkling from the shaker-top container.

Creating an All-Natural Deodorizing Cycle

Being wholly natural, Smelleze® Chicken Coop Smell Deodorizing Granules are utterly non-toxic, making their use even easier! This also means that you have an odor eliminating solution that your chickens can safely ingest.

Everyone who owns chickens knows they will attempt to eat anything they can get their beaks around. The Smelleze® Chicken Coop Smell Deodorizing Granules are smaller than most chicken feeds, but will still catch the sharp eyes of your chickens. An interesting result of your chickens eating the granules is that their solid waste, and even their urine, will be internally deodorized!

So — not only will our Smelleze® Chicken Coop Smell Deodorizing Granules absorb odors in the soil of your run and the in the flooring of your coop, but they will eventually deodorize new waste that is excreted by your flock! This deodorizing cycle happens very quickly and will noticeably freshen all the areas your flock inhabits.

Healthy Chicken Environment = Healthy Chickens!

Integrating Smelleze® Chicken Coop Smell Deodorizing Granules into your chicken care routines is the first step in combating and eliminating the powerful odors generated by your chicken’s droppings and urine. After your initial application of the granules to the chicken run and coop, you may need to routinely sprinkle additional granules in high traffic areas, such as around nesting boxes, feed or water dispensers, and below roosting areas.

Now that your flock’s odor problem is controlled with Smelleze® Chicken Coop Smell Deodorizing Granules, you may notice that harmful parasites are also reduced. This occurs because the granules natural ingredients alter soil, essentially ‘cleansing’ the surface and just below, which makes it less appealing to these unhealthy pests.

This soil adjustment goes a step further in producing a healthy chicken environment by neutralizing ammonia in the soil that attracts odor-causing bacteria. These bacteria are the first ‘blooming’ of decomposition, and left to their own devices, they will grow, colonize, and begin to affect the nutrient levels of the soil. This can contribute to water and feed contamination within your chicken run.

Happy You — Happy Chickens

Whether your backyard flock is for family and friends or operating as a small business, you face a number of varied processes, from keeping baby chicks alive and well to regulating feeds, supplements, and brooding behaviors. Your job, overall, is to create a healthy environment for your chickens to live and reproduce in.

Controlling odors in this special chicken eco-system you have developed contributes to the creation of a beneficial, healthy environment for your flock. From chicks to pullets to laying hens and posturing roosters, Smelleze® Chicken Coop Smell Deodorizing Granules are safe to use, give long lasting odor elimination and a reason for you to smile every time you walk into your backyard. Smelleze® Natural Chicken Coop Smell Deodorizing Granules are just one of the many eco-smart products that reflect our continuing dedication in developing non-toxic, natural odor solutions that are safe for use around people, pets, the planet—and chickens!

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