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Natural Remedies to Help Get Rid of Bad Body Odor (BO)

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Whether you’re allergic to anti-perspirants or other agents used to control body odor, or you wish to be more environmentally friendly and health conscious and get rid of alcohol-based deodorants that pollute the environment, we’d like to help you fight body odor in the most natural ways.

This comprehensive list of natural remedies used to get rid of body odor can be particularly interesting to fitness singles who work out several times a week and sweat more than average people who stay away from gyms.

Before we get into the issue of eliminating body odor in natural ways, we’d like to take this opportunity and say that sweating is healthy because it is a way to remove toxins from the body. In other words, don’t avoid sweaty situations to avoid the problem of fighting BO altogether. Find ways to remove the smell without removing the source.

  1. Organic Deodorant

    Organic deodorant might not be the most ‘natural’ remedy on this list, but if a product doesn’t contain any chemicals, and all its ingredients are natural, we can call it a natural product. If you don’t see yourself without spritzing something on your armpits, an organic deodorant is definitely an option for you. Crystal and herbal deodorants marked ‘all natural’ are also good options, but you need to make sure they don’t contain anything that you can’t pronounce because that’s a clear sign they’re not an all-natural product.

  2. Vinegar is Your Ally

    If you want to go au naturel use vinegar as your ally. Wash regularly and apply vinegar on odorous areas. Vinegar is a natural antiseptic and it kills bacteria and fungi on the surface to which it is applied. Apply several drops of vinegar and wipe the area dry and you’ll effectively eliminate or at least reduce BO. If you wash troublesome areas every day that will eliminate the bacteria population on your skin, and as a result get rid of offensive smells. Also, make sure you dry your body well after showering because bacteria grow more on damp areas.

  3. Change Your Diet

    Certain foods and spices can emit BO through your pores, such as garlic and onion. Caffeinated drinks are no better and should be avoided, while garlic and onion should be reduced to lower amounts instead of eliminated because they have other health benefits. Detoxifying your body using various cleansing routines or eating foods known to get rid of free radicals and other adverse elements are also good options as they will encourage the removal of all those things that have no business being in your body.

  4. Digestion Issues

    Digestion can also be an issue for some people complaining of strong body odor. Lots of people can’t properly digest certain foods, and they should take probiotic supplements to increase the quality of intestinal flora. People with good digestion retain less toxins in their body, and don’t have a problem with body odor compared to those with digestion problems. In any case, using natural remedies to help fight BO is definitely a good idea because it can lead to other health benefits in addition to leading to more pleasant smells.

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