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Chemical odors are all around us, and many are harmful to our health. They originate from new furniture, paint, cleaning products, building materials, and even air fresheners. Vast arrays of chemical sources not only cause foul odors in our homes, offices and businesses but also negatively affect indoor air quality.

Oven Odor Q & A’s

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Toxic Odor from Oven Cleaning

I have been online trying to find a product that will effectively remove the toxic odors from our building and I came across your website. This is a 7,500 square foot building that houses a non-profit human services agency. Yesterday, a volunteer turned on the self-cleaning oven in our volunteer’s kitchen to clean up a cheese spill in the bottom. Within a short time, toxic fumes were barreling out of the oven and filling the building with smoke that burned your eyes and caused choking. I have no idea what caused this because we have used the self-cleaning function before and did not have this result. We turned it off and have had fans running most of the day but all of us have burning down our throats and noses & eyes that burn. I see that your SMELLEZE® product is $24.99 for enough to clear 300 feet. Obviously, we would need about 25 containers which would be around $625.00 to clear the entire building of this horrible burning odor. We don’t have money to spend like that. Do you have any suggestions on how we can remove these toxic fumes from our building without breaking the bank?


Sorry to hear about your oven odor problem. Was an oven cleaning chemical used or something left in the oven accidently? If so, that could have leaked out during the cleaning cycle and caused the problem. Fortunately, we do have a product that will help absorb the chemical fumes and eliminate the potentially toxic oven odor. It’s called SMELLEZE® Reusable Chemical Smell Elimination Pouches. Firstly, you can place one near the oven or even inside it when it is turned off to remove the fumes from the source. To economize, I would suggest placing a 3-4 pouches in the return air vents or in the air handling system so that it filters out the air from the whole building whenever it’s recirculating. This is very effective. Then you can just place some pouches in the rooms/areas with the strongest odor rather than in the whole building. If you buy about 9-10 pouches and use them in this way, it will make a big difference. Since the pouches are reusable and portable, you can further rejuvenate them and move them to other areas if desired. They are designed to last for years so they will outlast the problem.

How do you Eradicate New Stove Odor?

Which product would work from your company to eliminate the horrid odor of a new stove being turned on for the first time? The lemons are just not taking care of it quickly.


These are probably chemical odors being given off from the curing process of the new stove. I would recommend using SMELLEZE® Chemical Smell Deodorizer Pouch to absorb and eliminate these awful odors. This will clear the sir of the odors and harsh chemicals outgassed during the curing process.

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