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Vaporsorb™ Eco Vapor Remover Granules makes gas & solvent spill cleanup quick, easy & safe. You will be ready to deal with any solvent emergency spill response & spill containment job. Also lowers solvent flammability & removes toxic vapors. Safe for people, pets & planet. This eco-friendly solvent absorber and odor remover really works!

Polyurethane Odor Q & A’s

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How to Get Rid of Polyurethane Odor

I just had my first floor wood floors stained and coated with polyurethane. The odor from the polyurethane is really bad. Do you have any products that will eliminate it?

Our first floor is basically an open area about 1,200 SF that we stained. You can smell the solvent odor on our second floor and the basement also.

Any ideas?

Byron, MO

Sorry to hear about your problem. We can certainly help you.

What you are experiencing occurs quiet frequently. Basically, solvent vapors are emitted as the polyurethane dries and this process will continue as the solvent content is depleted. To solve this problem, scatter VAPORSORB® Vapor Absorbent Granules on the floor that you have applied the polyurethane on. Leave for a few hours or overnight to give it time to draw out the remaining solvent vapors and to absorb them. Sweep up and repeat, if necessary, until all the fumes are eliminated.

In addition, place SMELLEZE® Paint Smell Deodorizer Pouches in the basement and your second floor. Use 1 pouch per room or approximately every 150 square feet. This product will remove the remaining polyurethane smell and chemicals that are floating around in your home air. If you have an AC/Heating forced air system that recirculates air, you can also place the SMELLEZE® pouches on your cold air return ducts to filter out the solvent vapors when the system is running.

This will solve your polyurethane odor problem and clean your air by eliminating the polluting chemicals. Please click on the links for more info and to order.

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  • Hello, not sure if someone can help but hopefully so! I did a small project which included paper mache boxes covered in a basic mod podge (basically water and glue) and then lastly, I sprayed with a few coats of clear satin polyurethane. I hadn’t taken the smell issue into account prior to starting the project. I’m putting body soap inside of the boxes and giving away as gifts but I don’t want to do that if I cannot get rid of the polyurethane smell. Is there anything I can do to get rid of or at least lessen the odor? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

    • I would suggest sprinkling our VapoSorb granules over the boxes to absorb the polyurethane smell coming from it.

  • Dear: Sir/Madam
    Reading your product information need to know if you have MSD data and dose it work for oil base stain on white oak and three coats of poly.?

    We have this smell now over two weeks.
    1 keep windows closed and heat on ( Smell Worst.
    2 Open all windows for days with heat on (Still have smell

  • Want information and a honesty answer does it remove stain and poly smell
    We have it now 2 weeks!!!!!
    The bottom floors 900 square feet was finished.

    Awaiting your response
    Donal DePoldd

  • I have a 100-year-old refinished trunk that looks great on the outside, but the stain on the inside even though dry for years still rubs off on clothes. The guy at the paint store told me to paint urethane to ‘lock in’ the stain. The smell is sooo bad now that I am afraid I will need to get rid of the trunk. It has been 7 days, with a constant fan going. I’m going to try the vaposorb. If it doesn’t work, I will never trust in any paint store advice again without doing research. I honestly never thought of a smell issue..

  • I purchased a house 14 months ago but could only stay in the house 8 days. Whatever the smell,causes my airway to swell and my throat and lips to blister. We removed the wall to wall carpet. Have been running 2 commercial air purifiers, 1 ionizer, and another air purifier 24/7, ceiling fans, as well as window fans, trying to get the noxious fumes out. Need help desperately. Soon will be homeless, unless I can get the fumes out of this house. Read about vaporsorb, bought 4 bags, placed them near floor vents. Noticed dust when handling. Also started coughing? Now i’m Wondering exactly WHAT are the ingredients contained within. Could you please provide the MSDS sheet?

    • Smelleze® is made from a 100% all natural metal oxide odor eliminator consisting of sodium, potassium, calcium, aluminum, iron, and silicon.

  • Curious how long it takes to work. ? We were away 4days Christmas time & had a power failure….garage fridge failed, of course. & I had a turkey in it ☹️.have tried vinegar, boxes of baking soda to no avail….the stench is AWFUL….it’s 4 days since I placed the sack in the freezer….no long before I ask for a refund & dispose of the fridge. Thanks

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