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Puppy Potty Training in a High-Rise Apartment Building

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Potty Grass for Dogs

Forget all your worries about potty training when living in an apartment because puppy potty training aids are already available on the market. Dog supply and odor removal companies have recognized your need for this kind of problem and have come up with solutions to help you train your new puppy. Potty training mats for dogs is ideal for those dog owners who are living in a high apartment building. It saves time and effort going down the stairs and bringing your dog outside every time they feel the call of nature. It also absorbs stinky puppy odors so you can experience a clean smelling apartment when you come home. It is also recommended for working dog owners who have less time with their dogs.

Most busy dog owners feel irritated every time their dogs need to urinate or defecate. Potty training is very important for every dog and this can prevent accidents and smelly urine odors. Training them early can form the right habits as soon as possible right after you bring them to your home. All you need to have is the time and patience at first to form these habits. Training a puppy is not that hard if you know and understand your dog’s behavior. Always bear in mind that dogs do not know what is right or wrong. They do not have the ability to understand things and situations as humans can. It is imperative to train your dog with the right behavior especially in urinating and defecating when living in an apartment.

Do not feel irritated and get angry when your dog urinates on the floor or on your carpet. They do not know it is wrong. They could very well be thinking that every place in the house is just like your yard. Did you get what I mean? Scolding them will not do any “good” for they will not learn anything. You need to teach them the proper way and the correct place where they can do such things. Nobody likes a smelly and messy home. Teach them that urinating and defecating in the allocated area is the right thing to do and doing this anywhere is not acceptable. Try to catch them in the act and correct their mistakes. Punishing them is not the appropriate action but rather take them to the right place. Scolding and punishing them by any means will only confuse your dog. They will develop the attitude of fear towards you and might hide their poop in hidden places that you might not notice until it smells.

Another important thing that you need to know is that puppies typically hold their bladders for a shorter period of time then older dogs. Observe the time interval that they need to urinate or defecate. This way, you will know if he needs to pee or poop. Also, consider the breeds of your dogs when training. Larger and bigger dogs can be easily trained compared to smaller ones. Provide them with their own space to sleep and rest. Buy them crates with just enough space for them to lie down. You can open the door when they need to pee or poop. Larger crates are not advisable. Choose crates according to your dog size.

Before bringing your new puppy home, you must decide where to place them. Be prepared in providing them with the proper dog supplies that they need. Do not forget to include a dog potty training aids in your list. This is very important for potty training. Also keep in mind when teaching them, you must develop a schedule for feeding them as well. They can’t eat anytime they want for it will be difficult for you to train them. Teach them continuously and repeat your chosen words frequently. Always repeating them will let them know what it means.

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  • I lived in a high rise and I found out that potty grass helps the dog learn to defecate in one place. However, I have tried training pads as well and they are relatively cheap aids for training your puppies. Bravo, my border collie, had a hard time with potty training because he wants to go out all the time when he needs to eliminate. But, when I used potty training pads and potty grass on his crate, he began to potty there! Your article would be a great help for other pet owners who live in buildings.

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