Ammonia Removal from Cabinets

I have a question about one of your products, the AmmoSorb® Ammonia Smell Removal Pouch: XXL.

I would like to get some of your ammonia odor eliminators for a few cabinets that we have in our lab space, I was wondering how big these pouches are and whether or not they would fit in our cabinets, or whether I should just get the 2.5 lb bag and place a dish of the material in the cabinets. Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing back from you.


Our AmmoSorb® Pouches are not very big. They are about 4″ x 6″ so should easily fit in most cabinets. It’s easier and more convenient to use the pouches rather than the granules for your application. If the XX Large won’t fit, let me know how many you need and I will see if we can package them in smaller sizes. This product works extremely well in drawing out and absorbing ammonia gas.

How do you Remove Ammonia Odors from a Vivarium?

We have a vivarium and have typical ammonia odors both inside the vivarium and outside in the building. Also, we have typical animal odors and smells. Can you please recommend specific odor eliminators for these problems.


I would recommend the following products to neutralize ammonia and animal odors in the vivarium and surrounding areas:

21500 Smelleze® Reusable Pet Odor Control Pouch: X Large

40800 AmmoSorb® Eco Aquarium Ammonia Neutralization Deco Rocks: 2 lb. Bag

40600 AmmoSorb® Eco Aquarium Ammonia Elimination Granules: 2 lb. Bottle

Hello there. I thank you for your speed on responding to my inquiry. The issue I have is we have a large building and if your product as stated only covers 300 sq. ft. I would need like 100 of them and that just would not work. Do you have larger sizes or different products to suggest. We are a biotech company and have a vivarium thus the issue with ammonia.

Our recommendation for 1 pouch/300 sq. ft. is just for smaller areas to remove odor from the air. But we do have these AmmoSorb® treatment products available in 50 lb. bag sizes and most of our commercial customers use this size for economy and convenience.

For larger areas such as yours, you can sprinkle on the ground or insert granules in a filter housing and recirculate air/water through it to remove the ammonia fumes and odors. If you recirculate the water/air, you can use a considerably smaller amount. Also, this product can be regenerated by simply inserting in salt water, drying and reusing so it can be very cost effective if you recycle it. It can last for many years if you follow this regenerating procedure.

I would suggest getting some samples and trying it out. If you purchase larger quantities, we will be happy to work out a discount structure with you

Queries on the Ammonia Removal Pouch

Hi there, this is Andy from Top Glove in Malaysia. For your information, our company is currently experiencing quite severe ammonia odour problems when preparing ammonia solutions in the open air in our manufacturing facility. Therefore, we would really like to find some ways to overcome this undesirable situation. Our team found that your company provides some good solutions for solving ammonia odour problems, so can we know more about your product to help our indoor air pollution situation?

Andy, Malaysia

We recommend that you use AmmoSorb® Ammonia Smell Elimination Pouches in your application to get rid of the bad ammonia odors. This product is routinely used in US facilities that produce or use ammonia or ammonium related chemicals to clean the air.

You can simply place the AmmoSorb® pouches in the area/s you are preparing the ammonia solution. Any ammonia gas that is emitted into the air by your process will be attracted by this product like a powerful magnet and adsorbed like a chemical sponge to purify your air very effectively. This is also a reusable product so you can use it over and over again to save your company money. Use 1 pouch for every 300 square foot of space you need to treat.

FYI, we also offer AmmoSorb® Ammonia Elimination Granules which can be installed in filter housings to scrub ammonia gas from air and also ammonia and ammonium ions from liquid solutions.

Please visit our website for more info and to buy. I would recommend ordering some small quantities to see how well this product works in your facility. We ship to Malaysia and all other international locations daily so it’s quick and inexpensive.