How do I Dehumidify my Basement Safely?


Good morning.
I live on the East Coast of Virginia. The air here is humid and sticky all year around.

Whatever I do to remove humidity from my basement and house (vents, AC), the wet air keeps bringing in more moist air. Do you have any suggestions on how to keep my basement and house relatively dry?

I would really appreciate your help in this matter.

Thank you.


Yes, we can help! I suggest using MOISTURESORB Reusable Moisture Removal Pouches. These can simply be placed in your basement to absorb moisture 24/7, does not require power, and lasts for years. The will also get rid of any musty odor you have. They only cost $12.99 and are reusable for many years!

Thank you for quick response.

How many do I need to rid damp in a 2700 sq. ft. house, plus basement?

I would recommend using 1 pouch in every big room or 200 sq. ft. You can skip bathrooms if they are not a problem

About 10-12 may be good if you need to treat the whole home. These pouches are reusable so after you purchase them, you can use them for many, many years which will save you buying replacements.

We have a special deal at this time, if you buy 1 dozen, I can offer you a 10% discount. Simply order online and reply to this email with your order number. I will give you an instant 10% credit

What material do you use? On your site it says that “no chemicals…”, but it should have some sort of chemical substance…

How does it work? I have kids and pets home. They are (both… (:-)…) try everything’s taste… no matter how far I hide things.

Where you are located? How long shopping normally takes?

This is a naturally derived desiccant so it does not have any chemicals. Think of fit as a really, really absorbent sponge that attracts and absorbs moisture.

They are 100% safe for kids, adults, pet and the planet. There is not poisonous even if it is accidently ingested. We are in Atlanta and we can ship right away and get the product to you in 3-4 days or sooner if you want to expedite

Seeking Chemical-Free Moisture Removal Desiccants

I was looking at your MoistureSorb® Moisture & Odor Absorbent Pouch online just now and was wondering if they would be suitable for removing moisture from accomodation units which are similar in size to a small hotel room.

Also, are they available in Australia or only from the US.

Mike, Australia

Yes, absolutely! Most of our applications are for so sizes like that.

Please go to to order. We ship daily to Australia and we don’t charge any sales tax or customs fees. Sorry, we don’t have any distributors there.

Thanks, they sound like just what we are after.

Are you required to drain the moisture from the pouch at all? Most of the other products around you are required to drain the moisture weekly. We want to be able to offer the customer a product they can place and leave for up to 3 months knowing it is working…

Also if we wanted to purchase 2,000 pouches, what would be the transport costs and could you supply this many?

No, this not like the chemical products that create a corrosive liquid mess and need to be emptied out periodically. It absorbs the moisture into millions of micro pores so the outside stays nice and dry. It can be used for 3 months and can be rejuvenated by placing in the sun or heating in a microwave and reused. So it’s very cost effective.

We can supply you any amount you need since we are the manufacturer. I would suggest making a sample order to test the product for yourself. We can ship about 24-30 pouches for $60 or 60 pouches for $120.

Larger amounts can be shipped via ship for more effective rates. About a whole 50 x 10 foot container can be shipped for under $5000