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How to Get Rid of Smelly Odors While Fasting to Lose Weight

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Being in tip-top shape is every person’s dream. As the famous Buddha prince said: “To keep the body in good health is a duty; otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. ”Maintaining an ideal weight is one of the best methods to stay healthy. Losing weight, however, often leads to the production of unpleasant odors, which could be embarrassing, at times. To help you get rid of smelly odors, here are simple but effective ways you could follow.

Avoid abrupt and extreme starvation

When you go on diet or starve yourself to lose weight, your gastrointestinal system is usually empty. This leaves the hydrochloric acid in your stomach unused. The hydrochloric acid would then come out of your mouth as a sulfur-smelling bad breath. Starvation ketosis could also occur, which could also cause a fruity-smelling breath.

In starvation ketosis, starving yourself would force your body to use fats to cope with your daily calorie requirement. This would lead to the production of ketone bodies, which are odorous end-products of fat metabolism. This is the reason why you have to avoid weight loss programs that require you to undergo abrupt and extreme starvation.

Eat less of meat and more of fruits and vegetables

Fasting could also mean eating foods with fewer calories like fruits and vegetables, and avoiding toxin-producing substances like meat. Toxins produce foul odors that could come out of your mouth, skin or urine. Fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, have anti-toxin properties that could cleanse your body of toxins, and get rid of your smelly odor while fasting.

Try this experiment, compare the odor of a vegetarian and a carnivorous person and you’d surely observe that the vegetarian smells “fresher” that the person who eats nothing but meat. The metabolism of meat fat in the body produces substances, which are smelly, and unhealthy for the body. These are the reasons why some weight loss programs recommend more consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Cleanse your gastrointestinal system with cranberry or lemon juice

You could cleanse your body by drinking proven cleansing preparations like cranberry and lemon juice. Cleansing your gut by drinking cranberry or lemon juice helps get rid of unpleasant odors because both liquids help you lose weight and eliminate odor-causing toxins.

Aside from getting rid of smelly toxins, they also support the digestive system and the liver in performing their physiologic functions.

Observe proper hygiene

Taking a bath regularly and brushing properly could also help prevent unpleasant odors while fasting. Bacteria proliferate in warm, moist areas, like the armpits and the groin. Hence, these areas should stay clean and dry whether you’re on a diet program or not. You wouldn’t want to be ostracized because you’re just so lazy to bathe, would you?

Avoid spicy foods

Spicy foods like garlic and onions could cause bad breath and body odor. If you are fasting to lose weight, ensure that you don’t pick spicy foods to constitute your weight-loss diet. Garlic and onions can be classified as veggies, but it is best to avoid them; they produce smelly odors.

Learn to relax

Have you ever heard someone say, “I can smell your fear?” This is because stress and anxiety tend to release substances that are malodorous. You could relax while when you are fasting. In fact, people who fast properly are rewarded with a natural weight loss that is healthy and not destructive. Learning to relax while fasting could lead to reduced stress and lesser body odors.

Drink large amounts of water

Hydrate often. Water helps get rid of those smelly toxins and waste products by excreting majority of them through the kidneys. The kidneys are the major excretory organs of the body where waste products of metabolism go out through your urine. Body cells also need sufficient amounts of water to be able to function well.

Keep your home & gear smelling clean

If your house or clothing already reeks, it is time to take action to eliminate the body odors before they get worse and out of control. It’s best to use an eco-friendly product that that absorbs and removes the odor rather than masking it with fragrances which will only make it worse. I would recommend using SMELLEZE® Reusable Home Smell Removal Pouches for any area with a problem. Similar products are also available to get the smell out from your shoes, clothing, gym bags, and more! They will not only remove the odor, they will also remove the chemicals that cause it and clean the air. As an added benefit, they are non-toxic, safe and are built to last for years.

Tips to remember

  • Fasting and losing weight doesn’t mean starving yourself; instead, eat small, frequent meals.
  • Be optimistic. Positive behavior attracts positive vibes, and less anxiety.
  • Don’t mask the odor. Determine its root cause and remedy it.
  • Hygiene helps a lot in the prevention of smelly odors.
  • If everything else fails, consult your doctor.

You could go fasting or on a weight-loss program without turning into a smelly, old hag, avoided like a plague by your friends and family. All you need to do is to follow these essential pointers. As the cliché goes: “Prevention is always better than cure.”

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