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12 Simple But Effective Tips To Remove Odors From Your Kitchen

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All of us love our kitchens, because we associate it to the delicious food we love and the good times we enjoy at home with friends and family. A tasty dish along with the right company can be totally delightful. It’s difficult to resist the lovely smell of our favorite meals which can invoke pleasant memories. The only problem is that the smell of some foods like onion, garlic, and sea food can become unpleasant and linger on in the kitchen even hours or days after cooking.

If humidity levels are high in the kitchen, wooden cabinets can absorb moisture, and along with cooking smells, can result in unpleasant odor especially after a few years. So whenever you open the cabinet doors, this bad smell can eventually spread to the entire kitchen and home. Apart from cabinets, odors can also come from your ovens and refrigerators. In the case of the latter, the smell can also spread to your all refrigerated food and the ice machine.

Following are some tried and tested simple tips to remove the unwanted smell from your kitchen:

  1. Thoroughly check your fridge for any expired bottles or packed food. These may leave a stink in the fridge especially if you have any items that are beginning to go bad. Clean the entire fridge inside using a sponge dipped in ODOREZE® Natural All Purpose Odor Eliminator to remove the odor. This is a concentrated product that will go a long way and does not contain any harmful chemicals.
  2. In extreme cases, like if you had rotting items in the fridge for some time when the power was accidently disconnected, use SMELLEZE® Reusable Fridge Smell Removal Deodorizer Pouch to absorb and eliminate the odor. Incidentally, this remarkable product will also help keep food fresher longer during regular use and it can last for years!
  3. You can wipe down any hard surfaces on which you prepared food like counter tops, stove tops, and cutting boards with ODOREZE® Natural All Purpose Odor Eliminator right after use to prevent any food smells from emanating later.
  4. If you have strong food smell from last night’s cooking, place SMELLEZE® Reusable Cooking Smell Removal Deodorizer Pouches in the kitchen. You can also use them in other rooms and on return air vents to filter out the odor as the air recirculates. This product is also helpful to remove smell from microwaves and ovens but be sure to remove the pouch before using these appliances again.
  5. When cooking fish or other seafood items in ovens, wrap them in foil, this way smell will be trapped and not spread in the kitchen.
  6. If you prefer a slight natural scent, squeeze lemon juice in some water and boil. You can also add some rinds of lemon or oranges. Within minutes your kitchen will be filled with a pleasant refreshing citrus odor. However, we recommend only doing this after you remove the cooking smell otherwise the citrus odor will react with it and may cause a different unpleasant smell.
  7. Garbage cans with decaying food can also cause a stink. In order to remove it, wash the can with hot water and ODOREZE® Natural All Purpose Odor Eliminator. Leave it to dry in sunlight. If there is no sunlight, wipe it down thoroughly with a clean cloth. To prevent garbage smell in the future, sprinkle SMELLEZE Garbage Smell Removal Granules in the container. This is a natural product that will absorb the odor and prevent the kitchen smelling.
  8. To remove burnt food odors, place SMELLEZE® Smoke Odor Remover Pouches in the microwave, oven, and/or kitchen. It will absorb and remove the smoky odor. Be sure to remove the pouches before using these appliances again.
  9. The kitchen sink may also be a culprit for the bad smell in kitchen. Pour ODOREZE® Natural Drain Odor Eliminator down the drain to clean it and to remove the smell. If you want a slight natural fragrance, you can dump a few slices of lemon or orange peels down the disposal unit. You should also check the drain trap and make sure it’s clean and not housing any unwanted debris or mold.
  10. Plastic containers could also have some typical unwanted food smells. SMELLEZE® Reusable General Purpose Odor Removal Deodorizer Pouch can rescue you here as well. Insert the pouches in the containers and leave overnight. It will absorb the smell and the containers will be as good as new.

Nancy Rorie is a home improvement blogger who give tips on kitchen remodeling, home moving, home safety and also writes for led lights manufacturer in his free time.

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