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Smelleze®® Eco Skunk Spray Smell Removal Powder gets rid of skunk smell without masking with harmful fragrances. Skunk odor removal is easy with this eco-friendly smell remover that really works! Safe for people, pets & planet. Skunk odor doesn't stand a chance.

Stupefying Skunk Smells & How to Get Rid of Them

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The intensity of skunk smell is infamous and the difficulty of getting rid of skunk smell is legendary. Even running over skunk roadkill can stink up the inside of your car, leaving you to smell the awful stench for miles, and to discover later that the nasty stink is still on your tires!

Home remedies don’t work – most just briefly introduce a new, potent smell to your burnt-out nose before the omni-potent skunk stench once again takes over. You need a powerful anti-skunk smell weapon that truly wipes out the stench. You need the super absorption properties of Smelleze® Natural Skunk Smell Removal Deodorizing Powder. Simply sprinkle away that eye-watering skunk spray!

Nothing says “stink” like skunk…

The notoriety of skunk stink spans the globe. Wherever there are skunks, there are stories of skunkings, myths about skunks, and home remedies to combat the dreaded skunk stench.

How can one small animal, roughly the size of a cat or toy poodle, create panic in man and beast?

The answer is in two small glands the skunk possesses that each hold about a teaspoon of volatile skunk spray. This oil-based musk is packed with 6 sulphur-containing thiols, chemical compounds that produce the eye-watering smell of skunk spray. A couple of the thiol compounds present in skunk spray are also found in the juice of onions and are the reason your eyes water when peeling or cutting an onion.

Skunks use their spray as an organic protective device against predators, and it is an effective weapon. Only predatory birds, such as hawks and owls, actively hunt skunks as a food source – because they have no sense of smell!

When people, pets & skunks meet…

Most “skunkings” happen when a person, pet or other animal startles a skunk and the skunk simply reacts naturally to what it perceives as an attack. Pets often are skunk sprayed because they see skunks as intriguing play “prey”. Skunks have some quirky movement patterns, including stiff-legged hopping, that can be comical and irresistible to hunting and herding dogs.

Although some skunk encounters are surprises, many can be avoided. If you come upon a skunk – stop – and immediately move away. Try to retreat in a direction where the skunk can see that you, the threat, are leaving. If the skunk hisses, growls, shrieks or does stiff-legged hopping, it’s time to run.  Skunks can emit a stream or spray and can hit a target 10-15 feet away.

It’s good to know the breeding and birthing seasons for skunks, as they may be more territorial and more active during those times.  Breeding is during February and March. The skunks ‘kits’ are born sometime in May, and then follow their mother around for another 2-3 months before leaving to go out on their own.  Skunks are capable of ruining your day at 6-12 weeks old.

You’ve been skunked…are you doomed to stink forever?

The quick answer here is:  No!  And you don’t have to soak in a tub full of tomato juice, either.

With that statement in mind, let’s tackle the myths about home remedies for getting rid of skunk stink.

All home remedies are predicated on overwhelming the stink of skunk spray – covering it up with a more tolerable smell until the offensive skunk stink naturally disappears.

Unfortunately, skunk spray is one of the stinkiest smells on the planet and can take months to ‘naturally’ disappear. Using the most commonly referenced home de-skunking remedy of tomato juice and vinegar; you would need to repeatedly apply gallons of both to the skunk spray for a very long time.

The myth of home remedies is founded on a sensory condition known as olfactory fatigue, where the sense of smell becomes de-sensitized to the original stink and accepts the new smell (tomato and vinegar) in place of the original.  This means the nose has been tricked and the skunk smell is still there.  The flaw in home remedy cover-ups is easily exposed when someone new to your stinky environment stops by and immediately exclaims about the skunk-tomato-vinegar smell!

Smelleze® Natural Skunk Smell Removal Deodorizing Powder to the Rescue!

Fortunately, there is real, effective help for getting rid of that terrible skunk smell. A smell elimination solution that doesn’t cover-up, uses no harsh chemicals or toxins, and is completely safe for use on people, pets, plants, and surfaces: Smelleze® Natural Skunk Smell Removal Deodorizing Power.

Developed by, this all-natural product absorbs and neutralizes the odor-producing thiols in skunk spray. Easy to use and highly effective, Smelleze® Skunk Smell Deodorizing Powder is simply sprinkled on skunked surfaces and left in place overnight.

Whether treating your car after hitting a skunk or running over skunk roadkill, eliminating skunk spray from your yard or other outdoor spaces, or ridding skunk smell from clothing or furniture, Smelleze® Skunk Smell Removal Powder will stop skunk smell – naturally. It is also completely safe to use on pets, just sprinkle on and lightly rub into pet hair or fur.

Smelleze® Natural Skunk Smell Removal Deodorizing Powder puts the power to eliminate stinky skunk problems in your hands. Safe for use with people, pets, and plants – absorbing skunk smells naturally and effectively – without fragrance cover-ups!

So, say goodbye to the terrors of skunk stink by arming yourself with Smelleze® Natural Skunk Smell Removal Deodorizing Powder!

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