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Sanitro™ Toilet Urine Absorbent & Odor Removal Disposable toilet floor mat absorbs urine spills & urine odors. Improves toilet appearance & hygiene by eliminating urine puddles. Results in cleaner, drier & safer floors. Easy clean-up reduces maintenance costs.

Tips to Destroy Urine Smell in Your Home

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Urine Odor Problem

Even as adults, we don’t necessarily always make it to the bathroom on time. When there are children or animals in a home, then you can expect occasional urine accidents and so it helps to know how to deal with them.

Be Prepared to Fight Urine Odor (as far as you can)

Ideally you want to minimize accidents during the daytime by keeping an eye on your children and pets so you’re ready to whisk them off to the toilet or outside respectively as soon as you see they need to go. It may be hard for adults to appreciate this, but going to the toilet can actually be a traumatic experience for young children and pets, so see what you can do to make it nicer for them so going to the bathroom becomes as pleasant for them as it can be. In particular, keep your toilet free of pongs by using one or both of Smelleze® Reusable Toilet Smell Deodorizer Pouch and/or Sanitro® Commode Urine Absorbent & Deodorizer Mat (6 Mats – 22″ x 22″ x 1/4″ in size). Basically the more people there are in the house, the more you should lean towards using increased urine smell protection.

For children, it’s a good idea to keep using mattress protectors long past the time when they’ve grasped the theory and the practice of toilet training. Mattress protectors are basically “set-and-forget” and nobody needs to know they’re there (meaning your children don’t need to feel embarrassed about them). Good ones do an effective job of protecting an expensive item and, hence, can be seen as a long-term investment. If, however, your mattress does start to smell, treat it with Smelleze® Natural Urine Smell Removal Powder which, as it’s name suggests, it can just be sprinkled onto a mattress (or anywhere else) to absorb and remove the stench of urine.

So stock up on cleaning and deodorizing products to deal with the main issue of urine

Bedding and Clothing Urine Smell

When we think of urine smells, we probably think about obvious accidents, however it’s worth remembering that “little leaks” can happen too and although the smell from these is nowhere near as strong as with a full accident, it can be noticeable and can certainly build up if not treated. With that in mind, you might want to think about popping some Odoreze® Natural Laundry Deodorizing Additive Concentrate in with your laundry, especially since it does such a good job on clothing odors in general.

If you are dealing with a full accident, then you will need to up the ante somewhat. For serious smells, the best approach would probably be to give items a soak in the Odoreze® Natural Laundry Deodorizing Additive. Then put them in the machine on their own in a prewash cycle so that the product is removed along with the odors it has deodorized. Then put on a normal wash with your standard detergent plus Odoreze®. This should deal with even the worst urine smells.

Hint: Picking up on the earlier point about children not necessarily liking going to the bathroom as an experience, you may find it helpful to invest in Odoreze® Portable Toilet Deodorizer & Cleaner which can be used to deal with foul odors in public toilets thereby making it more acceptable to your child to go when they really should rather than trying to hold it in until they can reach somewhere more pleasant (it can be helpful for adults too).

Flooring Urine Odors

In principle, you can treat both hardwood floors and carpet the same way, namely with Smelleze® Natural Urine Smell Removal Powder. The key point to remember though, is that you really need to act quickly to treat the carpet before the urine has a chance to soak through to the underlay. If you’re unable to react that quickly and you find the smell is still present after the carpet has been treated then you may need to lift the carpet and put the powder directly onto the underlay beneath (or the floorboards it there’s no underlay). While this may be a hassle, it’s a whole lot more affordable than replacing the carpet and/or underlay.

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