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Top 5 Tips to Prevent Underarm Odor

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Sweating is absolutely normal for us humans and it’s definitely something we shouldn’t be ashamed of. However, body odor, especially underarm odor can sometimes be rather overwhelming for us and others around us. Just ask anyone who has an armygirlfriend or boyfriend, they’ll tell you that the smell can be pretty intense. Therefore, in order to help everyone out there fight this particular menace, we decided to share the top 5 tips on how to prevent underarm odor.

  1. Choose Antiperspirants Rather Than Deodorants

    This is one of the biggest dilemmas when it comes to preventing underarm odor and most people are constantly making the wrong choice. Yes, deodorants fight the awful bacteria that feed on your underarm sweat, but it doesn’t prevent sweat from occurring. If you really want to get rid of the odor entirely, you need to use antiperspirants. They have aluminum salts that are preventing sweat from coming out of your skin. The best way to use these products is to put them on before you go to sleep because your skin will react better to those protective ingredients. During the night, the skin will absorb all the ingredients and the effects will last all day tomorrow.

  2. Always Wear Clothes Made Of Natural Fibers

    You wouldn’t believe how important this is. Most people think that regular showers and personal hygiene are enough to prevent underarm odor, but they’re horribly mistaken. Synthetic fibers are one of the most common causes of body and underarm odor. It doesn’t matter how good you take care of your body, it will always sweat underneath these plastic and synthetic materials. Therefore, make sure to only wear clothes made of natural fibers like wool, cotton, and silk.

  3. Shave Your Armpits Regularly

    This is probably one of the most extreme measures, but it’s absolutely painless and rather effective. When we say “extreme” we’re thinking it may be extreme for guys. Girls do this every day, and that’s one of the reasons they’re armpits always smell like spring. Joking aside, removing your armpit hair will definitely reduce the sweating and this will prevent underarm odor from appearing. Yeah, we know it’s a hassle, but it’s totally worth it.

  4. Use Natural Home Remedies To Prevent The Odor

    For some unknown reason, people are avoiding natural remedies when they have some kind of health issue. When it comes to body and underarm odor, there are some pretty cool and highly effective natural cures that are definitely worth trying:

    Apple Cider Vinegar – This wonder remedy is probably the best replacement for deodorant. It fights off the bacteria and reduces the PH of your skin. Dip a cotton ball into the vinegar and wipe your armpits. The odor will be gone!

    Alcohol – Ah, good old alcohol! Simply rub the area with some alcohol and it will close the pores on your skin. This will stop the sweating.

    Lemon – This citrus possesses certain acids that will kill all the bacteria under your arm. All you need to do is to take a fresh slice of lemon and rub your armpits with it. You’ll feel incredibly fresh.

  5. Try Out Some Relaxing Techniques

    One of the biggest reasons people sweat too much is because they’re nervous or anxious. This causes their sweat glands to go wild and, naturally, the underarm odor is a logical consequence. In order to prevent this from happening, you need to start practicing some relaxation techniques. Controlling your mind is extremely important because if you get nervous, your body will have a negative response. Try practicing yoga or any other form of mediation. It will help you reduce stress to a minimum. Meditate every night before you go to sleep, it will pay off, trust us. If this isn’t enough for you, simply avoid stressful situations as much as possible.

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